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DARK MOON BANISHING SPELL and Magical Almanac Winner

Youtube Channel: Mickie Mueller
Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, Dark Moon Spell and Magical Almanac Giveaway Winner! The winner will receive Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac (autographed) a Triple Goddess art bookmark, and Phoenix Amulet. It includes an article, several illustrations, two coloring spells written and illustrated by myself. After the winner is announced I have a new spell for everyone, it’s a dark moon banishing spell for banishing, cleansing, and rebirth so that we can all hit the reset button on the things holding us back! I was inspired by you awesome viewers to create a new dark moon banishing sigil that includes a death’s head moth and I’ll walk you through all the symbolism of that. I’ll show you how to cast a banishing spell that’s easy for beginners, this is a classic bit of ritual for seasoned witches too. Sometimes we all need a reminder that the simple spells can often be the most powerful, and this one is no exception. Just in time for the Black Moon July 31 2019, but you can also do this one during any darkmoon.
SPECIAL THANKS to Palm Tree Bewitchery:

A WORD OF CAUTION: If you're burning petitions always be very careful to burn them in a FIREPROOF container, never leave candles or any kind of flame unattended or near other flammable items, keep away from children and pets. If you prefer not to burn a petition, you can also bury it in the ground, a potted plant, at a crossroads (if you are so inclined) or place it in a public trash can far away from your home, these methods all work the same way. If you decide to place it in a recycling bin far from your home, be sure to cast the herbs to the wind first. Downwind. Or you'll get garlic in your eye.

Opening music; Arcadia Song by Kevin Macleod:

PHOENIX AMULET: get a closer look at the phoenix mother of pearl amulet here:

LLEWELLYN’S 2020 MAGICAL ALMANAC if you didn’t win and you still want one:

DARK MOON SIGIL WALL HANGING: If you love this sigil and want it in your life, we have it on several items in our shop, here's one:

BLESSINGS OF THE TRIPLE GODDESS see the print and read about this art here:

SACRED SOURCE, Where my new pendant and CD came from, they also carry the statues I designed for them, my books and jewelry line.
THE CD: Veiled in Brilliance by Sacred Source:

Black Moon Hexenspiegel pre-orders:

Dark Moon Petition Magic Incantation:
“I banish by the dark of the moon
Out of my life, not a moment too soon,
That which no longer serves me shall fly,
Not an ounce of regret as I bid you goodbye.”

Take a moment to visualize your life without these things in your life, feel the weight lifted. Cast it into a fire and as it burns state with feeling:
“Flame to purify, flame to banish, flame will renew.”
If you don’t have a way to burn it safely or prefer not to, you can bury it or throw it away far from your home.

FREE PRINTABLE FOR YOU, Black Moon/Dark Moon Banishing Spell Printable :

Moon Phases:
New/Dark – the new moon is not visible
Waxing Crescent – the Moon starts growing
First Quarter – the moon looks like half a circle
Waxing Gibbous – still growing
Full – we see the entire circle of the Moon lit up
Waning Gibbous – the Moon starts shrinking
Third Quarter – again only half a circle is visible
Waning Crescent – the Moon is about to disappear
New/Dark (again) – the new Moon is not visible


I'm a professional witch, Amazon best selling author, illustrator, and tarot creator. I'm the author/illustrator of multiple books articles, and tarot decks for Llewellyn Worldwide, I also have a jewelry line with Peter Stone, and a statuary line with Sacred Source. My magical art is distributed internationally and has been seen as set dressing on SyFy's The Magicians and Bravo's Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. I run several Etsy shops with my husband and fellow author Daniel Mueller in our studio workshop. My YouTube videos are shot in my studio where I create art, write on the subject of witchcraft and folklore, and manifest my own style of eclectic everyday magic.

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