Video: herbal lesson - holy water and 4 thieves vinegar

herbal lesson - holy water and 4 thieves vinegar

Author: thedarkmoonmidnight

just a light and brief description of the purposes of holy water and 4 thieves vinegar. Please feel free to make a new video that is more indepth. I tried to make this short and sweet so that beginners can get a rough idea of these liquids purposes

A few recipies
Original Recipe for Four Thieves Formula
3 pints
white wine vinegar
handful meadowsweet
handful juniper berries
handful wild marjoram
handful sage
50 cloves
2 oz.elecampane root
2 oz.angelica
2 oz. rosemary
2oz. horehound
3g camphor

Marseilles Vinegar or Four Thieves Vinegar
40 g.
greater wormwood, Artemesia absinthum
40 g.
lesser wormwood, Artemesia pontica
40 g.
40 g.
40 g.
40 g.
40 g.
5 g.
5 g.
5 g.
5 g.
5 g.
10 g.
camphor (do not use synthetic camphor)
40 g.
crystallized acetic acid
2500 g.
white vinegar
Instructions: steep the plants in the vinegar for 10 days. Force through a sieve. Add the camphor dissolved in the acetic acid, filter.

one last one
1 pint
unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
5 drops
rosemary oil
5 drops
oregano oil
5 drops
lavender oil
5 drops
sage oil
5 drops
peppermint oil
5 drops
clove oil
4 drops
lemon oil
3 drops
black pepper oil
1 drop
capsicum oil
1 head
garlic finely diced
3 oz
ginger finely sliced
4 oz
echinacea tincture

Warning: Be sure to use unadulterated, therapeutic grade essential oils

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