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How to Cast Revenge Spells

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Retaliate against those who did you wrong with a little hocus-pocus payback.

Step 1: Light a candle
Light a black candle and watch the flame flicker as you declare out loud what harm you hope to inflict on your enemy.

Black is also considered to be protective, and can be used to safeguard someone or something.

Step 2: Bless a stone
Hold a carnelian stone in your cupped hands and visualize filling the stone with light as you think of your foe. Carnelian amplifies a person's power, making your spell more potent.

Step 3: Write it down
Write your revenge fantasy on a piece of paper and then toss it in a fire or feed it to the flame of a black candle. As the paper burns, imagine your vengeance coming true.

Step 4: Spice things up
Sew a tablespoonful of asafetida inside a small fabric square, creating a sachet. Keep it nearby; whenever you see, touch, or smell this stinky spice, also known as \

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