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An affirmation spell that lives and grows with you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Container
  • Rocks or Stones
  • Soil
  • Pinch of dirt
  • Candle
  • Small live plant
  • Moon water, sacred water or spring water
  • Special crystal, stone, figurine etc.

Casting Instructions for 'Living Container Spell'


Find something that you would like to be positive about and spell it into your spell container and watch it grow.  Change it where you need to.  You can dedicate the plant, stones, container, etc. before hand. Open in your personal way before casting.

"This vessel is empty and ready to fill,
Each item placed according to my will"

-- say your affirmation with each rock placed into the container.  Hold rock, say affirmation, place in container.  Continue till can is about 1/4 to 1/3 full.

"Stone by stone, I have placed you in,
Chanting my spell as I do begin"

-- take up a handful of soil and repeat your affirmation with each handful you place into the container.  Take a pinch as dirt from somewhere special to you and mix it in repeating your affirmation.

"Soil of foundations, Goddess earth energy,
A pinch of dirt, for creative synergy"

-- Place a candle in the center of your soil and light it. (use a color that corresponds with your affirmation) Think of your affirmations outcome as you watch the candle flame.  Take your time.

"By lighting this candle, I fully proclaim
This spell is mine in soul and name"

-- Blow out the candle with a soft steady breath till no smoke remains.  Dig into your dirt and set your little plant in, firming the soil around it kindle.

"I have set my plant, and my spell within
Giving life to my spell, so it can begin"

--  Place a few stones or crystals on top of the soil repeating your affirmation.  Choose ones that that feel right for your spell.  Water your plant with moon water, blessed water or spring water.

"Blood of the earth will keep it alive
My strength of will, will help it survive
My spell is strong and bound to me
So I have willed it, so let it be"

-- close your work by either your normal methods after casting, or trace the 5 pointed star above your plant with your finger.  

Spirit : your will
Earth: soil and dirt
Water: sacred water
Air: your breath
Fire: candle flame

Give your spell a nice place out of direct sun and keep it within sight.  Every time you walk by, repeat your affirmation and lightly touch the plant.

To strengthen your spell you can put symbols, or paint designs on your container.


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