Money Spell.

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A ritual/spell to bring financial comfort into your life.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your self,
  • A three sided mirror.
  • Plenty of silver coins.

Casting Instructions for 'Money Spell.'

Hey there. Ok, this is what I did, you can make it personal to you. First, take many silver coins, and stick them all over the walls of your home. Second, make a point of leaving money around. Third, spend without fear, that is, with the knowledge that it is not a problem. This takes some courage XD The actual spell: Take a three sided mirror and put it on a shelf, with plenty of space underneath it. I put a pentagram underneath it, simply because I think it helps. Hold a large number of siver coins in your hands. Go into trance, and holding the coins, visualise money of all kinds pouring over you. It is important that you feel happy about it, - many people have a bad relationship with money. Enjoy it and revel in it. Say, out loud, "This money will come to me a million fold, to spend as I wish, in a way that will make me happy" You have to KNOW, rather than believe. Next, put your coins under the mirror, so that they are reflected three times. Put yourself in the reflection, and say the same words. It is important to keep a positive frame of mind, and KNOW that it will work. Continue each day to add some coins, and do the same step I decribed in the last paragraph. Also, continue to exercise the visualisation of money pouring into your life. I have kept my spell fed for many months, I no longer need to worry about money. I was more broke than usual at first, but I think that was just making way for the spell to work. Work on your own relationship with money. It is common for people to fear it. You have to set it free. Remember: Know it! Positivity! Feed it! Enjoy it! :D


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