Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance

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This is a traditional Bowynn holiday spell-craft. Great spell-craft to created during Yule and Beltane, or any holiday where apples are a sacred symbol if you are of the Bowynn faith or not.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • branches of apple trees with blossoms
  • Apple Tree leaves.
  • 3 Green Candles
  • Green and yellow ribbon
  • Apple incense
  • Small toys
  • Wish ties

Casting Instructions for 'Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance'

Know first you will need a place large enough to do some crafting. You may want to do this spell-craft on a table next to or in front of your altar. Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of your own pantheon.

Give your first prayers and then offerings as you wish.

Lay the branchs of apple upon your altar and light the three green candles in front of it. Hold your hands over the branches and speak the following:

''Goddess of the sweet orchard I ask of thee
may that which I craft here bring abundance to me.
Blessing to the home that this bough hang within.
Bless those that pass under it and reside within.''

As you gaze at the branch and the candles send into the branches and apples green energy of abundance. Think of all the positive aspects of your life. Visualize these blessings as blossoms on an apple tree. Feel the warm abundance energy from the candle flames illuminating your life. See the branch's blossoms as proof that life's abundance is always renewing itself. See the apples as the fruit to nurture abundance in your life.

Now take the apples and cut them up into disks and poke two holes in the center. Use the green and and yellow ribbon and start tie together the branches so you get a nice long garland, long enough to decorate the main archway of your house. As you do chant or sing the following:

''Baul O aead ad Alaway nod urst.
Baul O aead tau bront em jerst.''

(This is a bowynn traditional hymn. If you are uncomfortable with it, feel free to substitute it with something of your liking)

Now use more ribbon to attach the apple disks and decorate the garland.

When done take the garland up in your hands and say:

''To the gods and goddess of my love
I offer to thee that garland
And hang it from a place of honor above.
I bless and sanctify the garland gifts
and may those that pass under it
this bough their hearts do lift.''

Hang the garland ritually in the main archway of your home or inside your front door. Then hang the small toys and/or prayer ties to it. Leave the garland up as long as you can. When totally dead and dried out, take the garland down and either burn it or bury it.

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