Tea of Abundance Spell

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Bring about Abundance
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your favorite Green Tea
  • 2 Green Candles
  • =================================
  • Hold this spell during the waxing moon

Casting Instructions for 'Tea of Abundance Spell'

Make a pot of Green Tea and while the tea is steeping take the time to set your meditation pillow up at your altar. Also set yo your 2 green candles.

Return to your pot of tea. Hold your hands over it and chant the following while empowering abundance into the kettle:

''O great gods of far in near
Bring prosperity into my life here.
Send abundance down in my home and me
With harm to none so I make it be.''

Walk with kettle and cup in hand to the altar, like part of a processional. Sit the kettle down and light the two green candles. As you do see the candles radiating powerful abundant energy throughout the house.

Sit back down on the pillow and invitet the gods to partake in the ceremony with you. Take a minute or two to deep breathe in some of the abundance energy that's all about. With each breath in, you draw in abundance. With each breath out, you exhale negative energy. Hold your hands over the cup again and chant the same chant as above. Say it strong and powerful.

''O great gods of far in near
Bring prosperity into my life here.
Send abundance down in my home and me
With harm to none so I make it be.''

Now ceremonially start drinking the tea. Know with each sip you take, you take in more and more, you are taking in abundance. Do not gulp it down. This is a tea ceremony and should be enjoyed.

When done place the cup down and say the following:

''Great majestic god of prosperity
Send the wonders of abundance to me.
Let me learn the blessings
and the lessons of what it is like
to prosper and succeed.''

Finish the spell up as you wish and clean your dishes. Blow out the candles by saying ''With loves sweet kiss.'' Never snuff out a candle with you hand or fingers. Hold this ceremony one a day if you can or at the very least once a week.

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