I Ching Divination.

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Bibliomancy is the first method of divination, and the I Ching is the first book to be used for bibliomancy.

Casting Instructions for 'I Ching Divination.'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The Book Of I Ching
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The Book Of I Ching

The I Ching has 64 different hexagrams; each hexagram has six lines, with each line being either divided or undivided. All of the combinations of division and undivision out of six lines are in the I Ching, with each hexagram being one of the combinations. Each hexagram has a meaning; the meaning depends on which hexagram. Each line also has an additional meaning, the meaning of which depends on which line of which hexagram. The I Ching hexagrams are Khien, Khwan, Kun, Mang, Hsu, Sung, Sze, Pi, Hsiao Khu, Li, Thai, Phi, Thung Zan, Ta Yu, Khien, Yu, Sui, Ku, Lin, Kwan, Shih Ho, Pi, Po, Fu, Wu Wang, Ta Khu, I, Ta Kwo, Khan, Li, Hsien, Hang, Thun, Ta Kwang, Zin, Ming I, Kia Zan, Khwei, Kien, Kieh, Sun, Yi, Kwai, Kau, Zhui, Shang, Khwan, Zing, Ko, Ting, Kan, Kan, Kien, Kwei Mei, Fang, Lu, Sun, Tui, Hwan, Kieh, Kung Fu, Hsiao Kwo, Ki Zi and Wei Zi.

Randomly pick a hexagram from the I Ching. The I Ching says what that hexagram means. Also randomly pick a line from that hexagram. The I Ching says what that line's meaning is. The I Ching says what all of its hexagrams and lines mean.


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Sorry, its not picking up randomly ,the divination using i ching coins or i ching stick and other type that makes it either yin or yang ,and maybe using adding with each number, the tools is not 64 stick or 64 coins. the combination between yin and yang at divination make 8 combination thus 8x8 is 64.

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