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Name: GEV
Birthday: Jan 20 1988
Location: Imperial Beach, California
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Jul 2018
Membership: Member
Coven Title: Council

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I can refuse service to anyone. Most likely, I will help you, but you will have to be very patient. I am available on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, but not on Saturdays. I will do the following for free with my very great divine, magic or psychic powers: Pray to a deity or other spiritual figure. Evoke or invoke a deity or other spiritual figure. Sacrifice. You can talk or write to me about whatever you want. Make someone fall in love. Attract someone. Make someone affectionate. Make someone a friend. Help a man get more and better sex. Funerary ritual. Heal. Good health. Protect a home against ill health. Make someone a god or goddess. Make someone a demon or demonness. Make someone strong. Spirituality. Banish bad things. Power with energy. Power with mana. Stimulation. Increase vitality. Cleansing and purification. Calming and relaxation. Create a psi ball. See aura. Enchant an item with protective powers. Peace. Increase power. General protection. Protect against assault. Safe travel. Break spells, curses, witchcraft, sorcery and imprecatory prayers. Meditation. The Masculine Principle. Self Defense. Make someone brave. Create abundance. Make someone beautiful. Make someone fat. Grant good luck. Grant runic wishes. Increase confidence. Increase someone's fertility. Answer any question. Give you a fortune. Dream Interpretation. Bibliomancy. Stichomancy. Cartomancy. Cleromancy. Chinese Astrology. Indian Astrology. Western World Astrology. Jewish Astrology. Zodiac Planets. Zodiac Stars. Zodiac Constellations. Western World Numerology. Karmic Advice. See the past, present and future with astrology. If you want to know if an endeavor will result in success or failure, please let me know, and I will tell you. If you want to know the best and worst times and dates to do something, you may ask me, and I will tell you with electoral astrology. Protect against the Saturn Transit. Give astrological career advice. I will make the following food and drink items appear to you for free: Vegetable Oil. Pork. Pork Ribs. Cabbage. Carrots. Green Bell Peppers. Onions. Garlic. Ginger Roots. Cornstarch. Soy Sauce. Molasses. Oil. Egg Roll Wrappers. Water. Sweet And Sour Sauce. Salt. All Purpose Flour. Sesame Oil. Green Onions. Eggs. Monosodium Glutamate. Napa Cabbage. Low Sodium Chicken Broth. Wonton Wrappers. Chinese Cabbage. Hoisin Sauce. Ketchup. Honey. Sake. Rice Vinegar. Lemons. Chinese Five Spice Powder. Pineapples. White Sugar. Distilled White Vinegar. Orange Food Coloring. Chicken. Self Rising Flour. Ground White Pepper. New York Steak. White Rice. Bamboo Shoots. Mushrooms. Red Pepper Flakes. Broccoli. Sugar Snap Peas. Oyster Sauce. Celery. Red Bell Peppers. Beans. Green Beans. Kosher Salt. Ground Black Pepper. Black Bean Sauce. Bulgur. Amaranth Grains. Farro. Spelts. Wheat Berries. Buckwheat. Millets. Quinoa. Avocados. Cranberries. Blueberries. Huckleberries. Cherimoyas. Papayas. Pawpaws. Passion Fruit. Apples. Bananas. Grapes. Oranges. Peaches. Garden Cress. Iceberg Lettuce. Spinach. Pumpkins. Artichokes. Common Beans. Soybeans. Cherries. Melons. Watermelons. Honeydew Melons. Cantaloupes. Strawberries. I do not regularly fight in wrestling matches, but I do practice the following expanding list of wrestling moves for defense of self and others (sometimes, wrestlers have their own nicknames for wrestling moves that they use:) Grapple. Grappling Elbow Smash. Scoop Slam. Grappling Punch. Snap Mare. Headlock Takedown. Back Breaker. Suplex. Shoulder Breaker. Reverse Grapple. Full Nelson. Shin Breaker. Atomic Drop. Counter Reverse Grappling Elbow Smash. Eye Rake. Elbow To Back Of Head. Arm Wrench And Elbow Smash. Arm Breaker. Piledriver. Back Rake. Back Drop. Grappling Chop. Grappling European Uppercut. Standing Shoulder Thrusts. Arm Wrench With Hook Kick. Forearm Smash To Back. Counter Reverse Grappling Groin Kick. Grappling Headbutt. Double Axe Handle To Back. Neck Breaker. Snap Suplex. Falling Back Drop. Counter Snap Mare. Headlock. Side Belly Belly Suplex. Hurricanrana Pin. Small Package. Bearhug. Military Press. Front Suplex. Powerbomb Pin. School Boy. Sleeper Hold. Counter Reverse Grapple. Grappling Knee Strikes. Choke Takedown. Overhead Belly Belly Suplex. Fisherman's Suplex. German Suplex. German Suplex Pin. Super Powerbomb Pin. Reverse Suplex. Elbow Smash. Chop. Front Kick. Walk. Run. Slap. European Uppercut. Body Punch. Straight Punch. Shin Kick. Middle Kick. Low Kick. Spinning Crescent Heel Kick. Punch. Clothesline. Diving Clothesline. Drop Kick. Front Drop Kick. Right Jab. Low Blow. Recovering Shoulder Tackle. Rising Clothesline. Counter Punch. Low Blow Counter. Pushing Takedown Counter. Leg Push Takedown Counter. Elbow Crush Leg Counter. Manhattan Drop Counter. Special Counter Grapple. Special Reverse Counter Grapple. Shoulder Tackle. Back Elbow Smash. Running Right Clothesline. Enziguri. Kitchen Sink. Running Elbow Smash. Bulldog. Running DDT. Running Spinning DDT (The Rock: People's DDT.) Running Flying Head Scissors. Running Hurricanrana. Roll. Clutching Punches. Mounted Position Punching. Armbar. Leg Lock Chokehold. Groin Knee Drop. Fist To Groin. Leg Lock. Figure Four Leg Lock. Sitting Reverse Armbar. Camel Clutch. Single Leg Crab. Boston Crab. Knee Stomp. Ankle Lock. Ground Sleeper Hold. Front Headlock. Knee To Back Stretch. Elbow Drop To Leg. Rear Naked Choke. Mahistrol Cradle. Slam On Knees. Stomp. Elbow Drop. Knee Drop. Fist Drop. Leg Drop. Splash. Double Axe Handle. Kick. Soccer Kick. Axe Kick. Running Stomp. Running Elbow Drop. Quick Leg Drop. Pin. Crossface (Chris Benoit: Crippler's Crossface.) Wishbone. Irish Whip. Corner Counter. Corner Counter Boot To Face. Tree Of Woe. Running Drop Kick To Knees. Shoulder Thrusts. 10 Punch. Knee Strikes. Choke With Boot. Superplex. Forearm Smash To Back In Corner. Super Back Drop. Super Double Underhook Suplex. Running Corner Splash. Corner Counter Sling. Eye Rake On Ropes. Middle Rope Elbow Drop. Middle Rope Leg Drop. Corner Sling Body Splash. Flying Double Axe Handle. Flying Clothesline. Flying Elbow Drop. Flying Splash. Club To Chest. Suplex To Inside. Rebounding Back Elbow. Baseball Slide. Kick To Inside. Roundhouse Kick To Inside. Strong Kick To Outside. Weak Kick To Outside. Guillotine. Suplex Reverse. Suplex Reversal To Outside. Flying Back Elbow Drop Off Apron. Running Flying Elbow Attack Off Apron. Back Elbow. Back Body Drop. Scissor Sweep. Hip Toss. Suplex Reversal To Inside. Suplex To Outside. Sunset Flip Over Ropes. Wishbone Split. Double Atomic Drop. Double Piledriver. Double Arm Drag. Doomsday Device. Punching Reversal. Taunt. Ducking Taunt. Walking Taunt. Headlock And Punch. Grappling Knee. Grappling Underchop. Grappling Slap. Shoulder Breaker. Fallaway Slam. Chop Down. Dragging Armbar. DDT. Stall Suplex. Stalling Piledriver. Brainbuster. I also carry a tactical flashlight for defense of self and others. Sports I enjoy include: Wrestling. Boxing. Football (called Soccer in the United States.) I have a Nintendo 2DS and a New Nintendo 3DS XL. I am currently playing the following titles: Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo Entertainment System. Ice Climber for Nintendo Entertainment System. Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels for Nintendo Entertainment System. Donkey Kong for Nintendo Entertainment System. Donkey Kong Junior for Nintendo Entertainment System. I have many more titles on my Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL. I use my own original fertility spell to make various different species abundant and fecunditive in the following areas: Pacific Ocean. Atlantic Ocean. Indian Ocean. Antarctic Ocean. Arctic Ocean. Russia. Antarctica. I get things from the following countries: Canada. United States. Mexico. Colombia. Venezuela. Peru. Brazil. Argentina. Spain. France. United Kingdom. Germany. Italy. Turkey. Poland. Ukraine. Russia. China. Japan. South Korea. Philippines. Vietnam. Thailand. Myanmar. Indonesia. Bangladesh. India. Pakistan. Afghanistan. Iran. Iraq. Saudi Arabia. Egypt. Ethiopia. Sudan. Algeria. Morocco. Nigeria. Uganda. Kenya. The Democratic Republic Of The Congo. Tanzania. South Africa. I have read ancient Chinese literature. Card games that I play: I am fascinated to want to know how The Chinese Leaf Game was played, which could be the first card game ever played in world history. I do not know how to play The Leaf Game. Zheng Shangyou. Struggling Upstream. Da Lao Er. Big Two. Da San. Big Three. Dou Dizhu. Fight The Landlord. Gou Ji. Sufficient Rank. B?o Hu?ng. Protect The Emperor. Gu?n D?n. Throwing Eggs. Zheng Fen. Struggling For Points. Da Bai Fen. Hundred. Zhao Pengyou. Looking For Friends. Tuolaji. Tractor. Chinese Ten. Gong Zhu. Catch The Pig. Twenty-Four. Fifty-One. Mah Jong. Quan Dui. Luk Fu. Tien Gow. Tiu U. Kap Tai Shap. Pai Gow. Si Se Pai. I collect music and songs from around the world. You can listen to them if you want to. Television networks that I watch: Fox. CW. NBC. CBS. KUSI. ABC. PBS. My Network 13. Ion Television. China Central Television (CCTV.) CCTV-1 (General.) CCTV-2 (Finance.) Websites I go to: Google. YouTube. Facebook. Reddit. Amazon. Websites that I go to for The Occult: Sanatan Society. Spells Of Magic. Astrology Circle. Your Chinese Astrology. Websites that I go to for food recipes: All Recipes. Genius Kitchen. Food By Country. All Nigerian Recipes. The Congo Cookbook. Expanding list of American companies: United States Enrichment Corporation. United Technologies Corporation. Carrier Corporation. Otis Elevator Company. Pratt & Whitney. Sikorsky Aircraft. UnitedHealth Group. Universal Forest Products. Uno Chicago Grill. Unum Group. Upland Brewing Company. Upper Deck Company. Urban Outfitters. U.S. Bancorp. U.S. Cellular. US Foods. US Highland. U.S. Music. Washburn Guitars. U.S. Ordnance, Incorporated. U.S. Steel. U.S. Venture Partners. USAA (United Services Automobile Association.) USG Corporation. Uwajimaya. Vail Resorts, Incorporated. Valero Energy Corporation. The Valspar Corporation. Valve Corporation. The Vanguard Group. VantagePoint Capital Partners. Varian Medical Systems. Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing. Vectren. Venrock. Venus Swimwear. Verifone Systems, Incorporated. Verisign. Verisk Analytics. Verizon Communications. Verizon Wireless. Vertex Pharmaceuticals. VF Corporation. Bulwark Protective Apparel. Eastpak. Eagle Creek. Lee. Lucy Activewear. Nautica. The North Face. JanSport. Red Kap. Reef. Rock And Republic. Timberland. Wrangler. Vans. ViaSat. Victorious 22. ViewSonic. Visa Incorporated. Vishay Intertechnology. Vista Outdoor. Visteon Corporation. Vivitar. VIZ Media. Vizio. VMware. Vonage. Vornado Realty Trust. Voxx International. Klipsch Audio Technologies. Voya Financial. Vulcan Corporation. Vulcan Materials Company. VWR International. W.C. Bradley Company. Char-Broil. W.L. Gore & Associates. W.R. Barkley. W.R. Grace And Company. W.W. Grainger. Wabash National. Wabtec Corporation. Waffle House. Wahl Clipper. Wakefern Food Corporation. Walgreens Boots Alliance. Alliance Healthcare. Duane Reade. Walgreens. Walmart. The Walt Disney Company. Disney-ABC Television Group. Pixar Animation Studios. Marvel Entertainment. Walt Disney Studios. Lucasfilm. Walt Disney Animation Studios. Warburg Pincus. Washburn Guitars. Waste Management. Watco Companies. Waters Corporation. Watkins Incorporated. Watsco, Incorporated. Wausau Paper. Wawa Incorporated. WD-40. Wegmans Food Markets. The Weinstein Company. Weis Markets. Welch's. Wells Fargo. Wendy's Company. Werner Enterprises. West Liberty Foods. Westat. Western Digital. Western Sugar Cooperative. Western Union. Westinghouse Digital LLC. Weyerhauser. Whataburger. Whirlpool Corporation. White Castle. Wienerschnitzel. Willett Distilling Company. William Blair & Company. Williams Companies. Williams-Sonoma. WinCo Foods, Incorporated. Windstream Communications. The Wine Group. Winnebago Industries. Wolverine Worldwide. Woodward, Incorporated. Woolrich, Incorporated. World Fuel Services. Worthington Industries. WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment.) Wyndham Worldwide. Wynn Resorts. Xcel Energy. Xenco Medical. Xerox. Xilinx. XIM, Incorporated. XPO Logistics. Xylem Incorporated. Yahoo! Yelp, Incorporated. YRC Worldwide. Yum! Brands. KFC. Pizza Hut. Taco Bell. Yum-Yum Donuts. Zapata Corporation. Zaxby's. Zildjian. Zimmer Holdings. Zions Bancorp. Zippo Manufacturing Company. Zoetis, Incorporated. Zoo York. Zoom Telephonics. Zumiez. Zynga. Expanding list of Chinese companies: China Clean Energy. China Communications Construction. China Construction Bank. China COSCO Shipping. China Dongxiang. China Eastern Airlines. China Housing And Land Development. China International Marine Containers. China Life Insurance Company. China Medical Technologies. China Merchants Bank. China Merchants Energy Shipping. China Metal Recycling. China Mobile. China National Erzhong Group. China National Offshore Oil Corporation. China National Petroleum Corporation. China Natural Gas. China Nepstar. China Netcom. China Pabst Blue Ribbon. China Post. China Shipping Group. China Southern Airlines. China State Construction Engineering. China Telecom. China Three Gorges Corporation. China Tobacco. China Unicom. China Universal. China Wu Yi. China Zhongwang. Chunlan Group. CITIC Group. CNHLS. Comac. Commercial Press. COSCO. Dalian Hi-Think Computer (DHC.) Dashang Group. Dayun Group. Dicos. Dongfeng Motor Corporation. Eno. ERKE. FAW Group. Feicheng Acid Chemicals. Feiyue. Founder Group. Fushi Copperweld. GAC Group. Geely. Gome. Great Leap Brewing. Gree Electric. GreenTree Inns. Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group. Gushan Environmental Energy. Hafei. Haier. Hainan Airlines. Hangzhou Wahaha Group. Harbin Brewery. Hasee. Hefei Meiling. Hisense. HiSilicon. Huawei. Huayi Brothers Media Corporation. Huiyuan Juice. Hytera. Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China. Inspur. JDB Group. Jiangling Motors. Jianlibao Group. Jiuguang Department Store. Joyoung. JXD. Kingsoft. Kingway Brewing. Lenovo. Li-Ning. Little Sheep Group. Loncin Holdings. Lonking. Expanding list of Indian companies: India Cements. Indiabulls. Indian Bank. Indian Express Limited. Indian Oil Corporation. Indian Overseas Bank. Indian Railways. Indian Register Of Shipping. Indian Telephone Industries Limited. IndiGo. Indo Gulf Fertilisers. IndusInd Bank. Infibeam. Infosys. Infosys BPO. Inkfruit. InMobi. Inno Garage. Intelenet Global Services. Intex Technologies. ITC. Ittiam Systems. Jain Irrigation Systems. Jaypee Group. Jet Airways. JetLite. Jindal Steel And Power. JK Tyre. JSW Ispat Steel. JSW Steel Limited. Jubilant FoodWorks. Karbonn Mobiles. Karnataka Bank. Karur Vysya Bank. Kirloskar Group. Knowlarity. Kokuyo Camlin. Konkan Railway Corporation. Kotak Mahindra Bank. KSK Energy Ventures. Kudremukh Iron Ore Company. Lakshmi Machine Works. Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Lanco Infratech. Larsen & Toubro. Lava International. Liberty Shoes. Life Insurance Corporation. Living Media. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam. Mahindra & Mahindra. Mahindra Satyam. MakeMyTrip. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers. Mangalore Refinery And Petrochemicals Limited. Marico. Maruti Suzuki. Mastek. MECON. Metro Shoes. Microland. Micromax Informatics. Mindtree. MMTC Limited. Mistral Solutions. MOIL. Moser Baer. Mphasis. MRF. MS Shoes. Mukand. Mundra Port. Muthoot Finance. Muthoot. Myntra. National Aluminum Company. NBCC. National Fertilizers. NHPC Limited. National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC.) NTPC. NBC Bearings. NDTV. Nectar Lifesciences. Network 18. NIIT. Nilkamal Plastics. Nirma. NLC India Limited. Nuclear Power Corporation Of India. Oil And Natural Gas Corporation. Neoliberal Universal Internationalism is succeeding, prospering, winning and immortal. Neoliberal Universal Internationalism will never, ever die.