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A simple money spell and a combination of other more complex instructions make this wealth spell up using visualization, rocks and plants and appropriate circle casting. Substitutions may be made for the stones and herbs. A circle must be raised, the elemental energies must be invited in and visualization must be made to cast this spell.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Patchouli Oil and/or herb
  • One New Green Candle
  • White Handled Knife(Purified)
  • Earth Incense Noncombustible Powder (pine needle,thyme patchouli)
  • Charcoal Block and Censer
  • Basil Herb, Cedar Wood, Clove, Cinnamon, Oakmoss, Powdered Amber or Pine Resin
  • Rocks: Turquoise, Jade, and/or Moss Agate and a Quartz Crystal Point.

Casting Instructions for 'Money Spell'

Its important that your circle is raised properly and if you are able then have it outdoors where all rituals and spells are best cast and should be anyway. If you have not raised a circle then please practice that first for a week or so at least. Also practice drawing the Good Fortune and Wealth Runes. I have found a simple specific written instructions for raising a circle in Scott Cunningham's Wicca, Living Wicca The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, & Brews. Check out Chapter 7 The Magic Circle and the Altar. You may also find examples of the runes in that book or online.

Sprinkle yourself with Patchouli, or Orange Oil and Frankincense, or wear the herb or peal. Your Earth Incense should be made with Pine Needles, Thyme and Patchouli, but substitutions may be used. Use your planetary herbal substitutes if you are able for instance a Leo may use more Orange than a Taurus who may wish to use only Patchouli. A Money Sachet should be setting on the Altar or worn during the ritual. An herbal money sachet is made with dried herbs and a green cotton cloth. The best money sachets that I have used are those made with Natural Patchouli Herb, Sweet Orange Oil or Orange Peal, Cinnamon Sticks, Frankincense, Juniper and/or Cedarwood; and Pine Resin. I always add pine or Amber powder to sachets to increase their magical potency. A piece of jade and or a small purified charged quartz crystal may be placed into the herbal sachet as well. The Money Sachet may be carried or worn even outside the circle until your money arrives. Remember to magically combine and empower the sachet while the circle is raised.

Your Altar should have at least Earth Incense burning on it and one quartz crystal point (goddess symbolic). I raise my circles inviting in all of the Elements inviting in Earth(The North), Air(The East), Fire(The South), and Water(The West) while burning each specific incense while walking the perimeter of the circle. That is the best way to get the elemental energies in your spell and circles, and especially Earths which will best help you invoke the powers for money. If you use that method than you may find it sufficient to simply have fresh or dried herbs on your alter that are also associated to drawing money: Patchouli, Basil, Pine Needles even rocks like Turquoise, Jade and Moss Agate. Casting the circle with incense makes using your personal power to draw in the elemental energies is the best way for this spell.

Another tip is when you raise the circle make sure that you have crystals and herbs at the elemental directions of the circle which are associated to drawing money and or keeping(protecting)your money once you get it. Example: Moss Agate and Vervain at the North, Bergomot, Clover, Mint and Topaz at the East(some believe topaz is better on the South so use your own judgement). You may use Amber, Ruby and/or Garnet for stones at the South to draw money with herbs basil and peppermint. The West is the direction to invite the Element of Water which will set your emotions to that goal. Its important that you feel what you want so make sure the crystals, rocks and herbs are promoting the goal for money. Turquoise, and jade are great stones for drawing money with energies from the Western Element Water, and if you have aquamarine put it at the west too, because it enhances psychic powers which is what many people need to find money and protect it plus the Western Element Water is particularly partial to The Aquamarine Stone. The structure of aquamarine is such that it promotes seeking out. Jade has long been known to draw wealth and turquoise is used in many wealth spells; You may wish to place them on the Alter too.

If you are able to have a Balefire and are outdoors use Cedar, Oak, Juniper and/or Pine. Its OK to use other wood, but I would try to use at least some Cedar and Pine. I have even sprinkled Cedar Wood shavings, Oakmoss, and Pine Resin into the fire during the ritual to aid in drawing money, and you may wish to add some basil. Oakmoss burns wonderfully and ads a great sparkle to the fire. Reasonably its always great to start your fire with Oakmoss and hand collecting it while carrying a piece of jade before ritual is magically beneficial. Remember to thank the Goddess while collecting herbs.

Draw a Pentagram with a stick, your wand, or a your black handled knife. I would recommend through the center of your circle with the Balefire being the center(You may visualize a Pentagram if you prefer seeing the energy manifesting and spiraling into the center.

Take your white handled knife and draw the good fortune and/or wealth rune into the side of the green candle and burn it on your Altar. You may draw either rune on a pentacle to charge, too. Drip some green wax from the burning candle onto the rune pentacle during the ritual. Remember to let the candle burn all the way down. Do not blow it out!!

Visualize very specifically the money you need and how you are receiving it. For example if you wish the money to come by mail in a check than see yourself actually acquiring the piece of mail, opening the envelope and depositing the check into the bank. Or if you are getting paid cash directly than visualize your self actually taking the cash from another in the amount that you need. You may also visualize the bills you need paid whatever you have in mind including buying your vacation or new home. The visualization should be done while touching your wand to the green candle and/or pouring some of the green candle wax over the pentacle if you are using one and after a gesture with your body to receive in the power of the elements with both hands upward and out and feet apart. This should all be done while the circle is raised and you are standing before the Altar and Balefire. Use your imagination but always remember to cast down the circle after you are done.

What is important in this spell is that you raise your circle properly, invite in the elements Earth Air Fire Water Akasha while drawing a pentagram through the center and burning Earth incense. You should continue to carry at least one of the crystals that you used in raising your circle until you receive your money and the desired results along with a pentacle and money sachet if you charged them while casting your spell. Any chant for money may be spoken. Clear precise Visualization for Money must be made. Use the green candle wax on the pentacle or keep the dried melted candle wax left over with you.


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