To Set A Spirit to Peace/Converse With A Spirit Safely

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An actually fairly easy yet complicated spell to contact the dead.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Three people or a number of people divisible by three.
  • 3 blue candles
  • 3 white candles
  • 1 black candle
  • Small food item (bread, soup, crackers)
  • Round Table

Casting Instructions for 'To Set A Spirit to Peace/Converse With A Spirit Safely'

You need at least three or more people to complete this spell. The number should be divisible by three, but it doesn't have to be.
Make sure the guests you have chosen won't be disturbed by the presence of spirits.
Decide what spirit you want to communicate with, this can any spirit at all. Choose a medium (person considered to have above normal psychic ability).
Once all of the discussing is done, set up the candles half/half on the round table. Place the food in the middle of the table before the candles are lit. (Candles should leave room around the edge of the table)
You and your guests should now sit. Join hands around the outside of the table, laying your arms on the table.
You and your guests will repeat the following:
''Our beloved (name of spirit), we bring you gifts from life and death. Commune with us (name of spirit) and move among us. Venit, Venit.

Remain silent until there is a response. If there is no response, repeat until there is.

Once responded to, you may ask them simple questions.

When you have finished, thank the spirit for joining you and ask it to go in peace. Break the circle of hands after dismissing the spirit, and blow out the candles

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