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This spell is to protect animals from negative energy.

Casting Instructions for 'Animal protection spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 white feather or 1 Black feather
  • visualisation
  • String
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 white feather or 1 Black feather
  • visualisation
  • String

You can buy a feather from a shop or you can pick one up when walking. Try to make sure it's white or maybe even black. White is often symbolic to Angels are near by, while black is often symbolic that they are protecting you, so it would be a nice little throw back. If you don't believe in them. Then that's cool, white still symbolic protection along with black feathers. Either way make sure to cleanse this feather before you go on with the spell. This will will ensure that any unwanted energy is gone. Cleanse the White feather in salt or your prefer cleansing method. If this is done in salt leave the feather for three ours and then remove the feather. 

Close your eyes and place this feather over your heart. Try to picture love for your animals and protection, this way the feather will absorb that energy. Use the string you have wrapped around the tip of the feather and go towards a gate. Try to make sure this is either a front gate or a gate that your animals walk by. If you have hens or a bird, then wrap the other end of the string in front of that gate or cage. Think of this as a shield for your animals against negative energy. You can say the following spell as many times you wish, but personally say it three times.

Note/ please also remember this spell is only to be worked with against negative energy. This will not stop animals from eating anything that is either bad for themselves or harmful in anyway. If your animals had touch something they shouldn't and could be possible life threatening. This is the same for serious injuries and sickness. Take that animal to your local vet.

My animals are protected,
The animals of this land are protected
These animals are safe from anything negative
Or any ill attention.
No hexes or curses will harm my animals
If anyone wishes to harm them
Then the cruse will be sent back to the person responsible.
My animals are protected
My animals are safe,
Thank you Mother Earth
And father sky. 


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