Solar Elemental Energy Charge (Version 1)

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Charge your energy and radiance with the sun by becoming a golden solar channel.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Sun visible (Not required but very helpful)
  • -Connection to the Sun
  • -Focus
  • -A Decent amount of time to sit in stillness

Casting Instructions for 'Solar Elemental Energy Charge (Version 1)'

If you have the means, try to get to a space that has the sun radiating into it. If you do not have access to sunlight, you'll need to instead visualize yourself in a space where you are able to tap into and connect with the solar energy.

Sit comfortably, in a way that allows energy to flow freely through you (upright, healthy posture, loose and relaxed limps/back/jaw/legs/arms/etc.). This is a position you'll want to sit in through the time being, or at least move very minimally in.


Version 1

1. Close your eyes, visualizing a ray of golden energy and light that spans as an energetic "charging" cord between you and the sun. How you perceive the beam can also play role in how strong the connection is, or what may be needed from it. For example, it could be thicker, thinner...Brighter, duller...dense, could be sparkling, electric, flaming, etc. And it can and does change. 

2. Open your energy to receptivity. You can use affirmations, thoughts, words, symbols, emotions, etc. to do this.

3. Now imagine this chord of golden light energy beaming through you, into your crown (top of your head and just above it). Allow this energy to fill up and really activate your crown chakra, and when you're feeling it build up, open and ready to trickle into the rest of your energy, imagine it shimmering down from your crown, moving through different energies of your body...down to your arms, hands, fingertips.

4. Now visualize it moving down through to your heart space, building up and accumulating. When it feels ready for release and expansion, allow the heart space to expand the energy out and around your body like an auric shield bringing you radiance.

5. Next, visualize this energy moving downward through your pelvic and abdomen area, where your Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra reside, and allow the energy to build up. This can be intense and trigger deep sexual and/or creative energy by activating those more primal energies. When the energy feels intense enough to release, allow it to form a golden energetic grounding cord that connects to the central, primordial energies of the Earth...channeling this energy down into the collective space.

This allows you to bring that energy down and ground it into the collective. Not only as a way to help lighten the collective energy, but to allow your own energy the balance of charge it needs to be able to hold this connection. Otherwise you could overcharge yourself and burn out, or become too floaty/ungrounded.

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