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This is how I cast a circle. No elaborate chants required. It is essentially a temporary banishing spell to give you a scared working space.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sage - incense, bundles of dried leaves, or even just ground cooking sage works fine
  • Appropriate fireproof container
  • A match or lighter
  • Symbols of 4 elements
  • An altar
  • At least 5 candles of any color or size

Casting Instructions for 'Casting a Circle'


Step One: Setting the Scene

In your room, or wherever you may be casting the circle, find where north is.

North is symbolic of the element of earth, so put as few or as many items that symbolize earth to you there.

Do the same for the other three elements: air (east), fire (south), and water (west)

For example, in my room, I have my plants, a few rocks, and a hand made clay pot in the north, a collection of feathers and bird-related items in the east, a plastic lightning bolt sculpture to the South, and an array of seashells in the west.

Have your altar within this circle. Not necessarily in the center. My desk altar is right next to my north display of plants. 

Step Two: Building Energy

Prepare your candles. You may dress them in oil if you'd like, or carve symbols of protection into them. I just use plain white tealights. 

WARNING: Be safe when working with fire. Ensure the flame is far from anything flammable. Keep them out of drafty areas, and use common sense.

Prepare to light your candles, and SAFELY place one near each element set up, with one on your altar. If it is not practical to put the candles near your symbols, you can put them closer to the center, or in the same arrangement on your altar. You can light them in any order you like, but I like starting north, and working deosil (clockwise), and ending with the one on my altar.

Step Three: Cleansing

Prepare your sage to be burned. You can light it with your altar candle if you wish, or with your lighter or match. With your hand, or a bundle of feathers, gently fan the smoke around the circumference of your circle, especially focusing on the elemental corners, and the doorway, if this in indoors, and always ensure a window is open. Be careful not to flick any burning material on the floor. Fan the smoke around yourself, if you wish. Allow the remaining smoke to fill the center of the circle.

You can also sprinkle holy water, and/or salt throughout the space, or any other cleansing you prefer.

Step Four: Using the Circle

You are now free to do what you wish in your circle. You can meditate, do your spell work, or just relax in your sacred space.

Step Five: Closing the Circle

Some people have elaborate closing rituals. I simply blow out the candles in reverse order.


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