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this is about entering the deep trance hypnotic state, but you still be able to move all your body and not obeying the hypnotist, yet usually normal people who are in a very relaxed state hypnotic under suggestion couldn't move body(by the subject itself), couldn't think anything, couldn't memory call, but this manual make we able to Control Yourself
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • gadget, phone, laptop, PC
  • Hypno spiral
  • Headphone/headset
  • button to instantly off the video
  • relax chair or bed
  • 1-day free time(Not working, Not driving, Not in a meeting, not in school)
  • room for only you
  • Ready Mind(Not in an emotional situation)

Casting Instructions for 'Defense Against Mind Control Exercise Manual'


Warnings: Do not try to do this if you have to drive, work, meeting, or a school in 24 hours after doing this spell, and always have a fast button or access to close the video or shut down the computer or pause the video(spacebar) by your hands, when you feel in point you cannot go further just stop and try again another time 

(this will also open the non-witches mind eye, even though not so intense, but defense against bad Hypno/mind control, may this exercise manual could help all people who are under any types mind control, "MK-Ultra", "Murray Experiment""brainwashing technique" "mass mind control" and maybe more resistant only a little bit to a sedative? 

The First Step(easy):

  1. Your mind firstly Must without fear or anger, this is important only do when you are ready
  2. Lock the door, remember only alone in the room, also cleansing the room from the bad spirit must be done before
  3. Open the Hypno spiral only video (maybe with "brainwave" "Binaural Beats") and stare at it for a long time, I'm sure 90% of people under 5 minutes seeing will only focus on the center, you should try to empty your mind now, not to forcing using muscle to think 
  4. now you see the wrong things: usual people are dependent on eye muscle when thinking or memorizing, so when they see the Hypno spiral for long times the eye muscle, forehead muscle & scalp muscle is just relaxing and hard to move, you all should not using eye muscle when thinking or memorizing, remember dependencies is not good 
  5. this first step is easy and not dangerous, only after that, you should meditate and become again aware of anything, and also wait for 30 before doing any work or anything that use focus and attention

The Second Step (intermediate):

  1. Play the Hypno spiral video with the sleep suggestion +other induction or only a human with induction is okay 
  2. this time there is "sound recording" & "brainwave" upon hearing the suggestion, do not resist it with eye muscle, forehead muscle & scalp muscle, keep your mind empty, not by saying empty empty empty (because under deep trance we hardly use muscle and words), but it just Nothing in your mind (you will feel that everything unite inside the forehead like a point in the third eye, inside the head, there is a sensation in your third eye and crown),  suggestion can only be implanted to a person who Fills his mind until full then they lose aware about other things, 
  3. 'To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go' from "Tao Te Ching" also there are so many cultures around the world who believe "Emptyness", "Sunyata", "Emptiness is a form, form is an emptyness", "Turiya", "Void"
  4. understand the principle before we can fill our new command to our mind, first we must empty the mind space, the information is always become renewed, updated, revisioned. If you always fill then the Hypnotist Suggestion will come into your mind, you maybe can resist it, but with what? muscle? words? it cannot, again: in a very deep trance it's very hard to think &memorize for a newbie who uses muscle for that.
  5. Now in case there is 3 hypnotist and 3 voice and 3 suggestion, it's harder to resist if you use force, but an empty mind just ignore the effect, yes you aware of the suggestion, but you realize that hearing that doesn't mean your mind doing that, also the imaginative induction which is using not real connection with the sentences, example: 'feel your body&mind become vibrated by my words and give up control, the more you relax, the more your body&mind controlled by my words' this is not real, you just imagining fake things, the hypnotist only using mouth sound, nothing more, then why you just believe or having fear with it?
  6. so understand that before the suggestion go into action, it has to go across you first, but in  sleeping there is no yourself control, but in deep trance you hardly remember, so you are hardly to distinguish the real and not real things, that's why the "hypnosis induction" always make the subject imagine  Example: 'feel the light move to your head, and become bigger and bigger, the more bigger the light the more soothe your feeling, becoming more and more relax'
  7. Your feeling does not determine your thinking, it just a different plane, most people fail in solving a simple math problem is because they need feeling in their head to think, even after death, souls able to think or tell their descendant problem solving, but they don't have gross body feeling
  8. if you are unable to do this just pause the video or stop watching or shut down the Pc.

The third step (Hard)

  1. the Hypno video like this include "flashing images""subliminal message flashed", "Binaural beats", "NLP", "altered states of mind" stacked videos with low opacity in each layer become video (if you understand video edit), Hypno spiral, "chromatic aberration"  also have suggestion like Desperate to be controlled, you will forget anything, unable to think anything, programmed in the pineal gland, you are not human, you are not real, slave, etc, also trigger example 'when I say the word 'photo' you will be somehow posing for a photo'
  2. again this time you should exercise against 5 sensory suggestions:see, hear, touch, taste, smell because this could also come with "sniffing the bottle in your video" or fell the taste imaginary 
  3. in this level could bring "mental illness" if somebody or bad spirit annoy you while doing this, that's why it's important to cleanse the room first, and lock the door, my record doing this is only 35 minutes, because this makes my mind dizzy, because there is suggestion "the more you resist, more stronger .. the effect is, when you sleep at night you would dreaming about this session again and again"  (voice speed 1.25)  for whole days or tomorrow if I'm not in control this will haunt me, but its end in 3 days, because I meditate to always empty my mind, erase the unwanted suggestion.
  4. so the order is Comfortable > Relaxed > Letting Go >Emptying > (nothing), in The second step, maybe you could succeed with short time 3 days or less, but what about the long term? or just for 3 days later? when you got information in your mind, it will not control you even though the suggestion is heard or sensed. "feel my words go inside your head, flow, flow & flow, so washing your mind away, my will is stronger than you, then you got weaker, weaker, weaker...". Why should our willpower get weaker? this is somehow because of acceptance or trust to the hypnotist that you give in the first time then you just follow it. remember mind is not attached to the time, if you do this right for only 3 seconds or less, you can be just free from controlled trances, if you need a very long time to free then your exercise is somehow wrong
  5. the mechanism is the same as when you sleeping, time in the real world and dream world is flowing differently, even in "waking state" there are people who think in 1.1x speed - 1.3x speed (the eye, lips, mouth, face, limbs, body movement is same, but only its mind in different speed), that's why you see the many scientists, journalist  talk so fast  in a talk show, the mind is, of course, a higher frequency than the body, higher frequency faster it reacts, remember frequency is how many cycles per time, this exercise mastery include mastery of time in the mind plane 

Fourth step(agent)

  1. this kind of hypnotic video is mixed with Magic Symbols, Ritual, Exoterics, Mantra, Chant, Magic animal, Tarot, etc, for my experimenting with myself, watching this will lead to a long-lasting effect maybe 2 weeks (because I meditate), maybe more longer for not meditating people ( the effect only occur in some trigger, maybe when you see or hear something, it could be in my record 3 times in one day average )
  2.  if you always meditate so long everyday its ok to exercise to empty your mind from these things, I repeat empty your mind is not using words empty empty  like that but it rather nothing or not thinking anything, and also not forcing to remember using muscle, the key here is not using feeling, muscle, or ideas that you have to remember 
  3. the ability to un-suggested in hypnosis things in parallel with someone spiritual abilities, because it needs self-control 


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