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This is connection between Azazel Sigil 1 ,Azazel sigil 2 ,Anu sigil ,Lo Shu magic Square 3x3, Star Tetrahedron Merkaba ,Flower of life , they have nine points ,thelema like lines, hexagram star ,vastu, and many many more (Seeing All at once union)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Only your ''self consciousness'' ,there is nothing other than ''understanding''

Casting Instructions for 'Azazel Cube Square + Sigil'


This "understanding" will help you to summon or contact Azazel or maybe guided by Azazel , direction into true things of mystery?? im just usual guy , so just try to read this, then you will know what i mean because you can search in google also ,what i do is only give the "keywords"to open the mystery:

  1. "saturn cube number" so the "sudoku" or making the number 1-9 to 3x3 square even there is in chinese "lo shu square", now you line it from 1 to 2 then 2 to 3 then 3-4 then 4-5 ,until  9 meet 1 again 
  2. now rotate the "lo shu square" 45 degrees to left ,become "rhombus",then make the rhombus "lo shu square" with the flip horizontal  , then fusion it stack with the first rhombus lines ( extended Azazel sigil)( i mean flip horizontal the rhombus sudoku ,then lines it again , then stack 2 layer ,like mirror horizontal things)
  3. the colored diagram is in my first photo in my profile gallery 
  4. There is almost 90% like azazel sigil , its just the azazel sigil  with no 3-4&7-6 lines , and also if you look "thelema" the middle pair lines is just like 9-1 lines for both rhombus
  5. if you see the circle at azazel sigil is actually 8 circle in 8 number (bagua) of the "3x3 sudoku" box,  now you will see that Azazel have second sigil 8 lines too , which this all point is same like "Anu sigil" "8 pointed star" then i believe there must be circle in the center of sigil so make it nine from center just like the box 
  6.  if you look at "vastu" it was same 45 degrees must rotated to left too in north east region because it pictured as head in north east , pictured a man in diagonal lines , so same like "lo shu" it somehow number 8 or 2  must be on the top or bottom 
  7. remember this is all sacred geometery dont underestimate measurement power of sigil and number , now if you open the hermetism " so as above so as below" then you understand there is 2 triangle to top and bottom and also triangle with lines for other 2 elements "4 elements triangle" 
  8. also if you see the flower of life , just add horizontal lines in each point , will make Azazel sigil in there , i believe the perfection is on 9 point number , just like "tesla secret of 369" the  most high number in apex triangle is 9
  9. look at the freemason symbol "G" means God which resides in Geometery , which why that symbol logo makes like Measurement tools , to be perfect you must also know this all measuring math things
  10. in star tetrahedron 'merkaba" is compacted by Soul star and earth star and if you see the logo by rotating the star then also you will see the azazel sigil again 
  11. again i believe that sigil is not like dark things , because its all making the basic hexagram plus adition to 9 points
  12. maybe you place nine candles in the circle order , but remember make it circle outer not cube azazel sigil 
  13. remember when summoning "do not forcing anything on spirit and also dont force your mind for horror image, just "let go" and see that azazel is somehow like shining things ? even if you not succesfull to directly connect , if you meditate and concentrate your energy shaping like sigil and focus on it ,somehow you will feel your mind is transfered data or electricy? ,then you must understand what is your self thinking or it is telepathic from him to your mind , remember not to lie or promising something you cannot in summoning 
  14. i believe the center of body is not reside in heart , but is in midbrain , well if you see the so as above so as below , i will make this spell or article later

please reply me if i have wrong things about this spell , later about nine points i will describe and open more in other spell or article things include many culture around the world (all words in " " you can search in image and you will get it directly in first page)



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