the door game

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*shrugs* games are to be played
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Casting Instructions for 'the door game'

•find an empty room

•turn off the lights

•sit in the middle of the room

•dim the screen

•sit silently for 60 seconds

•get up and knock on the door

•put your ear to the door and listen for breathing

If you hear breathing, continue. If not, turn on the lights and clense the house.

•open the door, and let her... eat... or...

•keep the door closed and wait untill 6am

•at 6am say goodbye.

•turn on the lights and clense the house.

Pray that she doesn't get attached to you.

Hope that she doesn't come back when you go to sleep.

That you never see her.

We are the same person. That picture above? That's her. Thats me. I have no idea what's under the mask... She possesed me when I was eight after i summoned her. She appeared to me in a mirror. She looked like me at the age of 23, but pale and dead. She wears a mask with a red ribbon holding it up. I haven't seen her in a long time...

But my friends have.

It's why I am rarely invited to spend the night at the same house twice. Because they don't see me. They see her. She drives them crazy and they do things. They turn into cutters because of her screaming at night, her face in the mirror instead of theirs, waking up with cuts and bruises, family getting really sick, pets disappearing, and waking up with objects like a creepy black eyed plushie staring at them from the foot of the bed. She makes you want to die. Her name is Distora Irene Elemenia. I am the sane, 'normal' half... but even I don't know what i do in my dreams... once there was a dream where I was running from the cops... i woke up sweaty and bruised with a weird, dark line on my face. As if my skin was only tanned on my face to make a smile from ear to ear LITERALLY. She drove me crazy too... so I agreed to let her possess me. The problems stopped... for me, but worse for others... I'm so sorry... I hope I can be forgiven some day... but for now, she is always watching...

So please....

Be careful...

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