Lesser Invocation to Paeftzeria Bonoceref

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Paeftzeria Bonoceref,True God of Athranereth Cotpeacef, or, Sabaoth (hosts of heaven). You should have a strange feeling of eerieness afterwards.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 human rib athame (you can buy these in occult shops or make your own)
  • 2 dark blue candles
  • 1 cup of natural river water
  • 1 dried pen
  • 1 piece of blank white paper

Casting Instructions for 'Lesser Invocation to Paeftzeria Bonoceref'

Take the human rib athame, and, starting from the west, point it towards the west and say: ''fwa-keel yiddel gel Athran''! Continue this for all four points of the compass. The G is pronounced like a hard G.
Next, light the candles whilst saying for each one: '' Athran saj yiddel''!
Next, take the cup of river water and speak the following while waving your left hand over it: ''Co-Lai goon Athranian!'' Dip your two fingers (index, middle) of your left hand into the water and make a letter A on your chest making it so the hole in the A encloses your heart. Then, make a C on your chest, the C overlapping the middle line of the A and going beneath the letter's legs.
Next take the rib athame and prick yourself/cut yourself slightly. Just enough to get a bit of blood into your dried pen.
Then, use the dried pen to write on the blank paper the following:
''Fwaceel yiddel-gel Athran, Athran saj Paeftzeria Bonoceref!''
Then burn the paper over the candles saying: ''Cry-lem!''

Thus ends the Lesser Invocation.

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