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This is a very simple pop culture spell I made myself and have used many times. The basis of the spell is to name a Pokémon in your game after something you want to manifest and level it up to bring it into your life.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Pokémon game (one with features that allow you to super train or interact with the Pokémon works best)
  • Know what you want to manifest
  • Time
  • Patience

Casting Instructions for 'Manifest Things Using Pokémon'

This is a simple pop culture spell I have done for years and it has worked for me every time I've used it. It works just like any other spell, it cannot manifest characters, I've been asked that before. You can't do that with magic, kids. Sorry but it's the truth. Misconceptions about pop culture witchcraft come from misinformed children trying to do things against the laws of nature so I'm informing y'all now. This spell is helpful to those who want to manifest things but feel as if they don't have the time or attention span to do so, it helps focus their energy into manifestation. Remember that magic is all about intentions so keep that in mind when you use this to manifest.

The first step of the spell is to get a Pokemon in the game. After you caught it, name it something you want to manifest. You can name it anything you want, you can name them Grounding to help ground yourself, you can name them Abundance to bring more money into your life, you can name them Self Love, ect.

After you've named your Pokemon, go through the game and level it up like you would normally do in a play through. Try to use the Pokemon often so what you want to manifest is always on your mind because you're thinking of your Pokemon. If you have a game that includes interacting with your Pokemon or super training, use that with your Pokemon. The goal is to constantly be thinking of this Pokemon and having your full attention on it like you normally would when manifesting. If you have a Pokeball Plus or play Pokemon Go, take your Pokemon with you everywhere you go. Interact with it as much as possible.

After a while of doing this, you will see your manifestations. But if you want to go a step further, there are more steps you can take to manifest using a Pokemon. You can catch a Pokemon that corresponds with what you're manifesting. Look into Pokedex entries to see what each Pokemon does. For example, Meowth would attract abundance, Celebi would help you enjoy the time you have now if you feel time moves quickly for you, Absol would help you be more aware of danger so you stay safe, ect. Not only would the Pokemon itself have things to help manifest your desire, but its typing also helps. This is a list of general type correspondences. 

  • Dark/Ghost types work well with hexing, cursing, or jinxing someone.
  • Dragon/Electric/Fire types help give you energy to get through the day
  • Fairy types will help with self love, strengthening a relationship, or attracting friendship (just be very careful about which fairy type you're using)
  • Fighting/Poison/Steel types help with protection, they can also help with personal strength
  • Flying/Ground/Rock/Water types help with grounding yourself, mindfulness, inner peace and bringing peace to situations
  • Grass types help with personal growth
  • Ice types can help stop someone who is spreading gossip or just being really toxic
  • Psychic types work best with meditation and mindfulness, and in my experience they can also help with focus
  • Normal types help with healing wether it be emotional, mental, or physical healing

Put a lot of thought towards what Pokemon you want to use to manifest your desires with. Another step you can take is purchasing a stuffed animal of the Pokemon and draw sigils on it to help manifest. I recommend getting a stuffed keychain, they sell those on . I find that they work the most because they're always with you.

I hope this spell works for y'all. Blessed be! :)

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