Group Wings Spell

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WARNING: it will take time to grow wings, and it will probably be very painful.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Two or more people
  • String for wings color
  • A feather per person
  • Outdoors
  • Pentagram with elemental representation
  • Symbol for flight in middle of pentagram

Casting Instructions for 'Group Wings Spell'


1: make pentagram, it can be made of anything, as long a it includes symbols for the elements

2: link hands with all people involved, and all must be willing to go through the pain of growing wings.

3: put a genuine feather in the middle of the pentagram for each person (3 people is 3 feathers)

4: The person who is closest to east goes first, saying:

(God/goddess you worship), I call you here to us now. Hear our prayers, take our energy and use it for our magic within this spell.

5: Then, the others will say:

Let our energies combine, brining this spell power beyond that of a single witch.

6: Each person closest to the cardinal directions stand. Say:

East person: Element of air, I call you to this circle.

North person: Element of Earth, I call you to this circle.

West person: element of water, I call you to this circle.

South person: element of fire, I call you to this circle.

Sit back down.

7: Each person explains why they want wings. Then they say what color wings they want.

8: Leader ( if none use east person) says:

(God/goddess mentioned before) and elements, we call you here to grant us the wings of birds, so we too, can soar in the skies.

Everyone else joins in:

(God/goddess mentioned before), grant us our wings. Give us the power of flight.
Element of air, be the wind under our wings and keep our spirits high.
Element of earth, be our place of rest and bring us wisdom.
Element of water, wash away our old selves and cleanse our souls.
Element of fire, let us be reborn like phoenixes and keep our path alight.

9: Everybody takes a feather, and ties a string the color of wings they want around it. Then, all the strings are tied to each other.

10: Bury feathers under pentagram with a written list of everyone's reasons for wanting wings.

11: east person: element of air, I release you from this spell in hopes you will fulfill our wishes.

North person: element of earth, I release you in hopes you will fulfill our wishes.

West person: element of water, I release you in hopes you will fulfill our wishes.

South person: element of fire, I release you in hopes you will fulfill our wishes.

12: Meditate on wings on a daily basis, along with shifting them. Prayers help too.

Remember: it takes a lot of time to grow wings. It may take from 2 months to 20 months. Message me with results.


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Nobody can grow physical wings. Real Magic does not contradict nature.

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