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The Heart Sutra(also known as Prajnapramita Sutra) is a sutra that should be recited to teach dharma and to bring people to have a peaceful rebirth.

Casting Instructions for 'The Heart Sutra'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None apart from being able to chant.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None apart from being able to chant.




"Om namo bhagavatyai arya prajnaparamitayai! arya-avalokitesvaro bodhisattvo gambhiram prajnaparamita caryam caramano vyavalokayati sma: panca-skandhas tams ca svabhava sunyan pasyati sma. iha sariputra: rupam sunyata sunyataiva rupam; rupan na prthak sunyata sunyataya na prthag rupa; yad rupa sa sunyata; ya sunyata tad rupam. evam eva vedana samjna samskara vijnanam. iha sariputra: sarva-dharmah sunyata-laksana, anutpanna aniruddha, amala avimala, anuna aparipurnah. tasmac chariputra sunyatayam na rupam na vedana na samjna na samskarah na vijnanam. na caksuh-srotra-ghrana-jihva-kaya-manamsi. na rupa-sabda-gandha-rasa-sprastavaya-dharmah. Na caksur-dhatur. yavan na manovijnana-dhatuh. na-avidya na-avidya-ksayo. yavan na jara-maranam na jara-marana-ksayo. na duhkha-samudaya-nirodha-marga. Na jnanam, na praptir na-apraptih. tasmac chariputra apraptitvad bodhisattvasya prajnaparamitam asritya viharatyacittavaranah. cittavarana-nastitvad atrastro viparyasa-atikranto nistha-nirvana-praptah. tryadhva-vyavasthitah sarva-buddhah prajnaparamitam asritya-anuttaram samyaksambodhim abhisambuddhah. tasmaj jnatavyam: prajnaparamita maha-mantro maha-vidya mantro 'nuttara-mantro samasama-mantrah, sarva duhkha prasamana, satyam amithyatat. prajnaparamitayam ukto mantrah. tadyatha: gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha. iti prajnaparamita-hrdayam samaptam."


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