A Thorny Wish Spell

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This spell may be able to grant you a wish, with prosperity and love with it; as long as the spell is not ridiculous or impossible. Be careful what you wish for!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A large and sharp thorn (preferably from a tree)
  • 1 White Candle
  • Fire
  • Frankincense Oil

Casting Instructions for 'A Thorny Wish Spell'

Step 1:
Setup a basic altar in your
home or putside. (even better!)

Step 2:
Take a large sharp tree
thorn and stick it into the side
of a white candle.

Step 3:
Anoint your candle and thorn
with Frankincense oil.

Step 4:
Light the wick of the candle, and concentrate
on one single wish you have. Don't be too greedy!

Step 5:
Once you are able to visualize your wish and really feel it,
say this 3 times:

''Moon, Moon, Mother Moon, mover of the tide.

Grant this boon as I chant the rune;

Deliver (say the wish here!) to my side.''

Step 6:
Let the candle burn all the
way down. Make sure it is a short, small
candle. Be careful! It's not my fault if you set anything on fire.

Step 7:
As the candle burns down, say this:

''Queen of heavens, star of the sea,
fill my cup with prosperity.

Silver-y Goddess enthroned above,
fill my life with abundant love.''

Step 8:
The spell is complete!

In addition to bringing your wish, this
will also bring general prosperity and
love to you.

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