Anger Revenge Spell

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A spell to release anger you have on an Enemy. I suppose you could call it black magic. Should really only be used if needed. not to be taken lightly.

Casting Instructions for 'Anger Revenge Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Name and/or photo of the Victim.
  • A candle in which you can drip wax from.
  • Anger.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Name and/or photo of the Victim.
  • A candle in which you can drip wax from.
  • Anger.

Light the candle and let it burn. The candle color should be ether Red or Black. If you don't have those colors and can't get them, just use any.

Stare at the flame, holding the photo of the person/Name of the person in your hand.

Chant the following four times:
''Hass, Zorn.
Hate and anger reborn.
I summon the Queen of sorrow.
To make you feel regrets from tomorrow.
No one will hear your cries now.
Choke on your lies now.''

**Hass and Zorn means Hate and Anger in German**

Now, set the photo/name down and and douse it completely in wax. Use this time to explain why you are angered/hurt by the person and why you are hexing them right now.

When its done, you can ether do one of the following for the result you want:

* To give the Victim Nightmares:
Put the wax covered Item in a dark and unused area such as a basement or attic.

* To give them regrets and sorrow:
write the word ''Regret'' on a piece of paper, 100 times, wrap the paper around the item and tie it closed, then throw it into a lake or somewhere near water. If you can't get to a place like that, simply bury it and pour water over the dirt.

* To make them fear you:
You do this if your super pissed really. Simply take the Item outside and start a small bonfire and throw it in. Watch the flames burn and charge the fire with your anger and hatred.

* To make them feel lost (emotionally):
Go somewhere high like a hill or cliff. Or on a very windy day and throw the item and allow the wind to carry it away.

I hope it works for the best for you guys.
blessed be.


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Hi there :) my name is Sujay and I am a new member of this site. Hypothetically, if I wished to cast this curse and wanted all of the results to occur, how would I achieve all of the results stated?

Oct 25, 2021
First off, be careful with combining all of these outcomes because if you dish out more than they deserve, then karma can come back to bite you. Now, that said, what I would do would be to perform the regrets and sorrow first, but don't put it in water or bury it yet. Next, I would do the fearing you part, complete with burning. Then I'd do the nightmares, dripping the wax over the ashes, but instead of putting it in an attic or basement (since it states a ''dark and unused area''), I'd then put it into a very small jar with dirt and add some water. Finally, find someplace where you can safely toss it for the feeling of being lost. If you attempt this, good luck and be safe. Blessed Be.

So if no lake can I throw it in a creek or near the creek like the bush or woods

Can I throw it in dirty water?

Any specific day & time to do it?

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