Powerful Curse

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Very powerful, entry level curse. Though I am very well versed in curses, this is still my weapon of choice.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red Candle ,or black candle
  • Darkness
  • A voice
  • Concentration
  • Best if done at 3:00 am (when the target is most likely asleep.)

Casting Instructions for 'Powerful Curse'

Sit in a dark room. Light the candle. Get into a very relaxed state and gaze into the flame. Visualize the victim in the flame. Feel intense anger against the victim. Visualize the victim being tormented in any way you see fit. keep doing this until you can no longer keep your focus on the victims suffering. Whilst visualizing, whisper these words repeatedly:

Ichalaz Itzrechel Ahntal Ahtantel Regrezitahl Me vaskalla Pertentitzu.

After you finish, you must immediately blow out the candle. Also, it is important that you keep visualizing the torment until you find it hard to focus on it any more. this is essential, as the curse is most effective when you forget about ever casting it. You will most likely be reminded of it the next time you see the person you cursed,this is ok.


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