Rose Quartz Elixir

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To soothe the heart chakra.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One rose quartz crystal.

  • Water.

  • A bowl to put in the elixir.

Casting Instructions for 'Rose Quartz Elixir'

Again, another spell of mine.
This is perfect for those who need healing from previous relationships, or need a booster to the one that they are currently in.
It can also be used to soothe any hurt feelings and ease depression and self hatetred.
What is needed:
.Rose Quartz Crystal (pointed, cluster, heart shaped, doesn't matter.)
.Plain Drinking Water.

Pour the drinking water into a bowl, then place the crystal into the bowl.
You can do this on the night of a full moon and place it under the moon in a place where you can actually see it.
Leave the elixir over night and by the morning it's ready to drink.
Take out the rose quartz, and pour the water into a cup and drink.
If you do not want to drink it, then you can always pour it in the bath water when you next have a bath.
Place the rose quartz on the window sill so that the moon is able to cleanse and re-charge it.
Note; the moon has feminine properties.
-High Priestess Lucie Elizabeth.

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