Love Spell

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Everyone want ther true love dont they here one it.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • .your love
  • .not a full moon
  • .water
  • .charms (something that fits in the pockets)
  • .laef
  • .bowl
  • .red crayon colored pencil or pen (only red)
  • .paper
  • .slat

Casting Instructions for 'Love Spell'

have your true love with you when u do the spell just dont tell him or her about it just at your house or have him or her in the same house or place as you

get a bowl of water (perferibly hot) and place it still

get the charms must be to dont have to be the same (could be headphone wire) dip it in the water them roll it in salt

dip it in the water again and say this spell

gods and godess of the world please help me out
with my true love i want to be so please help
we will saty to gether for a long time and help
eachother out i want to be with (name of love)
for all i wish SO MOTE IT BE!

then wait 5 min draw 2 harts in red and put them in the water and write yours and your loves name on a nother paper and put it in the water

stir for 2 minets and then take them out and kiss them the u may throw away

take the leaf and hold ur items or item in and have your love use it on carry it for at lease 5 min

in 1 hour your love shall be true but only to u and no one elce but no one shall know that yall are in love

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