Love Potion #9

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There are a few different love potion spells based on the magickal number 9, but this is one of the more traditional ones. It's an easy spell, even though it does have a long list of ingredients.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •9 oz sweet red wine
  • •9 basil leaves, fresh
  • •9 red rose petals, fresh
  • •9 whole cloves
  • •9 apple seeds
  • •9 drops real vanilla extract
  • •9 drops strawberry juice
  • •9 drops apple juice
  • •9 small pieces of ginseng root
  • •9 pink candles
  • •Large cooking pot
  • •Cheesecloth or fine strainer
  • •Small glass bottle

Casting Instructions for 'Love Potion #9'

Light candles around the area where you will be working (likely the kitchen), and mix all the ingredients in your pot. Stir together over low heat while saying the words of this spell:


"Let the one who drinks this wine,
Shower me with love divine,
Love potion number nine,
Let his (or her) love be forever mine."



Bring everything to a low simmer and let it heat for another 9 minutes. Take the pot off the stove and let it cool. While it is cooling down, say the names of 9 love goddesses aloud: Venus, Ishtar, Astarte, Nephthys, Hathor, Aphrodite, Freya, Arianrhod, Inanna.

Strain your fresh potion to remove the bits and pieces, and pour into a stoppered bottle. Keep in the fridge until you need it. Give on its own to your loved one, or add to another drink for a romantic boost of magick.

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