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Mana is required to cast any spells. There are times where you are low on mana. This guide will help you refuel your mana.

Casting Instructions for 'Refuel Your Mana'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Palms
  • Psi Plasma Ball
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your Palms
  • Psi Plasma Ball
The first step is to make a psi plasma ball which is very easy.
Step 1
Decide where to make the psi ball

Step 2: Cup Your Hands Together

Step 3: You may stand outside if you like. Standing outside will give you a super charge of mana. Find the object you will like to use to draw energy from.

Step 4
Start drawing energy from your source

Drawing energy from your source is easy. All you have to do is visualize energy coming from your source and entering or surrounding your body. Visualizing is just like imagining or pretending, just picture it in your head. You can visualize anything you want, as long as it seems like your absorbing energy from the source. Some people close their eyes, some don't - do both and see what works for you. For example, I visualize myself standing on the Earth with energy coming from the core, through the ground, and into my body through my feet.

Step 5
Direct the energy inside your body to the location you're making the psi ball

Now, while still drawing energy from your source, direct the energy to where you're making the psi ball. Once it gets to the location, visualize the energy swirling around in the shape of a ball. For example, I visualize the energy twisting around my arms and swirling around in my hands.

Step 5
Adding more energy to the psi ball

To add energy, you just keep visualizing the energy entering the psi ball. There are two ways though... one, you could make the psi ball get bigger then compress it down, or two, you can make the psi ball denser and leave the size the same. If you're going to make the psi ball bigger, I suggest moving your hands apart then bring them closer together when you compress the ball. Note - you are not compressing the psi ball with your hands, you have to visualize it.

Personally, I do it the other way - leave the psi ball the same, just make it denser. Here is what you could visual.

Step 6: Congratulation you have made your psi ball. Now soak in the vibes. Soak in the energy into your palms.

Now you have more mana.


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