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It is sometimes important to go right back to basics to gain the help we need. This is a herbal and colour formula spell which also calls on the powers of Bridget, the goddess of poetry, or on Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of Knowledge. Your sachet will be purple for the former and white for the latter.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 parts rosemary
  • 2 parts basil
  • 1 part caraway seeds
  • 1 part dried rind of citrus fruit
  • Small bowl to mix the herbs
  • Small cloth bag about 15cms in size
  • Silver thread or cord

Casting Instructions for 'For Study and Concentration'

Combine the herbs thoroughly while chanting either: "Bridget, Brighde fashioner of words; Help me now as I seek your aid Let me now bring you honour In what I have to say today." Or, for Sarasvati: Sarasvati, divine consort of Brahma "Mistress of knowledge Teach me to use words wisely and well My doubts and fears I pray you dispel."

Now put the herbs in the bag, tying it securely with the silver cord. Place the sachet somewhere within your work area where you can see it. You should find that simply by focusing on the sachet you are able to free your mind from distractions and find inspiration as you study for exams or write your articles and masterpieces

If you become really stuck then pick up the sachet and allow some of the fragrance to escape, remembering to tie it back up when you are finished.


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