To Get Your Dream Job

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With the right amount of confidence, and a strong will, you will be able to get your dream job. This spell does need a little work on your part to help.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle of any color, to burn out completely
  • 1 green soy candle for luck
  • Lighter
  • 1 glass jar for the green candle wax
  • 1 disposable item for the other candle's wax

Casting Instructions for 'To Get Your Dream Job'

Lay out the two candles, lighter, and the items for candle wax. You should be facing South. Light the candle that will burn out completely. As you light the candle, say this, With the lighting of this candle, I summon up the passion of having my dream job.

Light the green soy candle. As you light the green candle, say this, With the lighting of this candle, I ask for good luck in getting the dream job Im hoping for.

Take a few deep breaths to calm the energy around you. Then say this spell: In this space, I call to thee. Please help me, gods and goddesses of old, to get the dream job I wish to have. Please help make it possible for me to take the steps needed to get to where I want. This is my will, So Mote It Be. All you need to do now is blow out the green candle, and pour the wax into the glass jar (possibly with a wick), and reflect on your wish for work while the other candle burns... occasionally pouring the wax carefully onto the disposable item. Once the candle is completely burnt out, dispose of that candle and the item with wax on it. Then clean up your station, and do your part to make this spell work to its best ability.


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