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A spell to bring back a lost loved one as another being, I'm not too sure if this works as I haven't tried it becuase I haven't lost anyone dear to me yet.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rocks/Pebbles/Stick
  • Moonlight
  • Candle (Any colour will do)
  • The grave of who you are trying to resurrect
  • Belief

Casting Instructions for 'Resurrection Spell'

With your chosen medium, (A.K.A Tool) Draw a regular Pentagram over the grave of who you are trying to resurrect, this spell would work better under a Full Moon, but as long as it is not a New Moon, it'll be safe.
(You may want to try and cast a protection spell before hand, incase something backfires)
Once the Pentagram is drawn, light the candle by the Headstone of the grave, and quietly chant this:

'For thou who sleeps in stone and clay, heed this call, rise up and obey, treck on through the Mortal door, assemble flesh and walk once more.'
There should be a strong gale of wind to blow out the candle, if this happens and the candle goes out, then the spell has worked, if not, then you may want to try again another night, trying twice on the same night may not bring back the loved one, but their spirit, and if this happens, you will either be protected by the spirit or haunted by it.
The spell should bring back your loved one, maybe not in their significant form, but perhaps as something or someone else.

I'm unsure of side effects, but if there are any, please let me know, also, if the spell is done under a New Moon (For those wondering) It'll bring back a evil spirit of the person you were trying to resurrect.

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