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Healing takes my forms and applies itself to many purposes, but be clear that healing magick is not about curing deseases.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Blue candle(20cm long)(8in) in lengh.
  • Matches
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Small sqaure plain paper
  • Dot of red water colour paint
  • Small bowl of water

Casting Instructions for 'Healing Spell'

Light the candle saying 'Welcome element of water, patron of healing and cleansing. Witness and empower the changes I weave in your name.'

Pain the red 'x' on the center od the paper saying'I name thee(name) pain/fear/anxeity.

Hold the paper before you in both hands and focus on the 'x'. Imagine the supplicants's problem enccapsulated inside that symbol.

Now place the paper in a bowl of water and move it around so that paint disperses in the water and chant'I wash away the pains offence. Be ye gone and get ye hence'

Pour the water into the earth immediatly after the spell saying' so mote it be'

~the wiccan bible

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