Mantras for the Zodiacs

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These are mantras for the 12 zodiac signs. They are beneficial to the person born under the specific zodiac sign and will protect them.
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Casting Instructions for 'Mantras for the Zodiacs'

Mantras for Aries(Mesh): Om Vishnave Namah or Om kleem shreem Lakshmi Narayana namaha Mantras for Taurus(Vrashab): Om Vasudevaya namah or Om gopalay uttar dhvajai namaha Mantras for Gemini(Mithun): Om Keshavaya namah or Om Kleem Krishnai namah Mantras for Cancer(Kark): Om Radha Krishna ya namah or Om hiranyagarbhai avyakt rupane namaha Mantras for Leo(Singha): Om Hariharaya balamukundaya namah or Om kleem Brahma ne jagada dharai namaha Mantras for Virgo(Kanya): Om hrim Pitambaraya Paramatmane namah or Om namaha peem pitambarai namaha Mantras for Libra(Tula): Om shree ram dasrathaye namah or Om tatva niran janai tarak ramai namaha Mantras for Scorpio(Vrischika): Om Narayanaya Namah Om Naraya Namah or Om Naranaya sur singhai namaha Mantras for Sagittarius(Dhanu): Om hreem shreem kreem dharani Dharaya namah or Om shreem dev Krishnai urdhva dantai namaha Mantras for Capricorn(Makar): Om shreem Vatsalaya Namah or Om shreem vitsalai namaha Mantras for Aquarius(Kumbh): Om shring upendraya achyutaya namah or Om kreem Govinda Gopalaya Namah or Om shreem upendrai achyutai namaha Mantras for Pisces(Meen): Om Kreem Rathanga Chakra Namah or Om Hreeng Kleeng sauh or Om aam kleem udhvatai or Om aang cling udhdritay namah


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