Biokinesis Werewolf Shapeshifting Method and Prayer

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This is a spell to help with the shapeshifting process of shapeshifting into a wolf. No spell for shapeshifting will get you instant results but practice and effort can get you places.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A drawing, one done in your hand whether traced or not, of a wolf.
  • A small white candle of any kind.
  • A flower, rock or leaf of some kind to leave as an offering.

Casting Instructions for 'Biokinesis Werewolf Shapeshifting Method and Prayer'


The act of shapeshifting itself is done by one's own strength of will and sense of body. There are several kinds of shapeshifting possible, including auric, astral, mental, and physical. Although physical is more difficult, it can result in either permanent changes or lasting effects. The medium of belief, combined with will, feeling, awareness, and intention can lead to a change in physical reality. For example, telekinesis. So as such, one may understand that werewolves are "fictional." They are not but they do not exist like the media portrays them to be. Rather, it is a controlled and deliberate thing, to become a wolf or any other animal for a time, and not a thing borne out of some measly emotion nor half-done effort.

This is simply a practice. 

One must set the candle on a safe place to burn. It is preferable if you can set the image you drew of a wolf near or in front of the candle, along with an offering. It is both to you, yourself, and the animal's form, spirit, and image. Pay your respect. You may wish to say some kind of incantation or prayer and if so, do so. Say what's on your mind. My clan prefers "Terra elipsus nohu mon altta mera rasus aye." It simply means something along the lines of "I respect/admire you as you are."

The actual shapeshifting part is difficult. Your awareness is flexible. If you look at a place on your arm with your eyes, you can feel it very subtly. If someone hovers their finger a centimetre above your skin, you will sense it. Same thing. With your eyes closed, see if you can focus this awareness to your hands. Practice sending your awareness there and try to expand it. Awareness of your whole body at once is the final desired result. Once this is achieved, it's suggested you start thinking of how it would feel to be a wolf. Do not focus on the feelings or the drama behind the transformation. And do not focus on personal nonsensical fantasy effects like white swirls on black fur. Instead, focus on reality and how the body of a wolf would feel. You're not changing your species; you're changing your shape. Think of what it would feel like to have the fur of a wolf or a snout or claws. From there, think of your being as also that one. When you cast your awareness over your body, imagine in depth and detail that of your wolf body as well. Start trying to summon that thought/awareness strongly at once in a single instant. You may experience sudden disorientating sensations during these trials. That is fine. Keep at it. Alternatively, this method can be used for smaller things, the easiest of which would be changing eye color. Though one may not get blue eyes from brown eyes in an instant, again, it takes time, experience, dedication, and a will of steel. And think, some solutions may be easier like how brown is closer to gold than blue and it'd be easier to obtain that color instead of blue. 

You will likely retain consiousness after a successful shapeshifting. After memorizing how your human body felt in order to strengthen your awareness, you should have a good idea of what it feels like. Do as you did for the wolfen form but for human to shapeshift back. In the rare case of mental lycanthropy as a result of shapeshifting and/or obsession, seek help and attempt to refrain from further lycanthropic activities.


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You cannot become a wolf.

You cannot physically shapeshift.

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