NOT-PHYSICAL Warewolf spell (Read full Discription)(Not-easily reversable)

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This spell will not physically change you, just non-physically/ how your magic sees you and may change a few personality traits vaiguely. You'll feel your wolf form how you did the spell (it's fake but you can do it for fun)!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You need no ingrediants, just time, focus, belief and trust in your magic. The wolf spell is last bold, if you're new to magic I put 2 spells to help above this.

Casting Instructions for 'NOT-PHYSICAL Warewolf spell (Read full Discription)(Not-easily reversable)'

Calling your Magic (skip if your magic is sentient already)

Relax in a small space, and call your magic. Do not ask other magical beings for help or this will not work, as it relies on your own magic's sentience and asking for others may make your magic feel as if it isn't needed and you expect others to do it for you.


To call your magic if first time

Relax and focus think of your actual standing. In other words what traits describe you most and accurately. Take a breath and focus on your hand, then you'll kinda feel your magic or another presence, similar to yours vague, yet different. This is your magic, a bit weak now but will grow over time if you treat it well. If it does start a bit strong let it know your limits. Think of what your ideas of too far are so it knows.


Example: bad luck but not spreading to effect the lives of those around them is fine, or maybe everyone but only a small harmless bit is borderline too far, just examples. These will help with later spells.

Okay so you have your magic if part 1 works. Nice.

Now the actual spells.

I'd recommend a pertection spell first to make sure if your magic is weak at first, least you don't catch the attention of anything on the mindscape like a passing daymare. May be useful before the wolf spell too. Here's one i'd recommend.

Pertection spell(Optional, but recommended)

Relax and go into your mindscape. Think of something strong, or rather strong in your oppenion. 


An example: forest with giant grass that takes both hands to push through unless you know the path, but the grass is strong as diamond.


Imagine whatever you chose filling the place around you, and your mindscape.


The WareWolf Spell


Start by choosing what you want the wolf to look like. 


(Height if twolegged one, length if normal)

Walks on two legs: (yes or no)

Fur color:

2nd fur color:

Eye color: 

Claw color: 

Claw length:


And whatever else you'd want.

After that, think of your own traits you'd have as a wolf, the ones that come from you. Like intellect, self control and the like, your magic will supply the wolf ones.


Close your eyes and think of the place you feel, metaphorically, at home at. You should see a person who feels familiar, but is different/you haven't likely seen them before yet they have an aura that's right in your oppenion. Since you did the pertection spell, this person is your magic. In that home place, how you imagined the wolf, but with vary slight differences you should see it. Keep your magic close and just sorta let the wolf sniff you, it should how and turn to a warm (well your oppenion of warm) wind. Let it strike a breeze around the land, then thank your magic. You've now become a non-physical warewolf. 


I know the reverse to this spell let me know if you'd require it, or if it works. Again this is non-physical. 


Side effects: you'll feel your wolf form sometimes, and have wolf-ish traits that are close to your personality already (example: you're friendly so you may be a little more playful.) 







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Sorry, this spell will never work. Firstly there is no such thing as a ''werewolf''. Secondly there is no spell which will change your physical form from human to anything else.

Aug 26, 2020
I said its non physical in the description. Its literally designed to change traits, (in similarity with weilder) and on the non physical plane, the ability to wolf shift.

I question the potency of this spell, but since it is a mental shift, it could work for some.

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