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This spell I wrote to turn you into a werewolf. It takes 5 full months to work but is almost guaranteed accurate. Over 12 of my friends used to be werewolves from this spell. It is one of the strongest and most effective werewolf spells. The side effects are nearly deadly so you must be very careful. You will not transform into an evil slaughtering werewolf, those only exist in horror movies, and of coarse in hell. You will need to say this spell outside on a full moon. It will work best if you are naked when you transform because your clothes will rip. If you harm or kill anyone, your powers will be taken so you must be careful. You will have additional powers as well. You could have light power, water power, wind power, fire power, or earth power. You can only use this power when you are in human form. You will be able to fully transform once a month, but you can partly transform any night you want.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full moon
  • Midnight-2:00 AM
  • Symbol to represent one of the power elements

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf Spell'

You'll need to wear your symbol and go outside on a full moon night at midnight. Stare at the moon and say this spell 10 times:
Calling all the gods of the earth and moon
I wish to be a wolf of strength and power
Grant me my transformation
And cleanse my body
For I will become the beast within
I ask this favor from my sin

Side effects are major and start the first week:
Hairy (girls will want to control this by waxing often)
Sharp teeth
Strong senses
Speed increase
Craving for meat
More flexible
Climb high
Itchy all over
This can take up to 5 months. But for some people it takes as quick as one month

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