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I still have not tested this one and do not know if there are side effects other then transforming on the full moon will be very painful. So sorry please email me if there is any thanks and have a great time as a wolf.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The witch symbol
  • The human symbol
  • The werewolf symbol
  • Night(when the sun is not up)
  • A clear mind
  • Full Moon
  • Say it with emotion and very very clearly
  • Another person with you
  • Fire (very small)

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf Cures'

Say this only twice:

I wish to be a werewolf, A great beast of the night on a full moon.When I transform it shall be very painful. I shall be normal until I see the full moon. The transformation will be one hour and that hour will be full of pain. When I am turning I will feel ever bone in my body break and then go back in to the correct place for my wolf form.My bite will kill a vampire in 48 hours. If I bite a human they will not transform. I will heal fast but can die like any other wolf and human. Wolfsbane will hurt to touch and will weaken my wolf form. I will feel at home in the woods or near trees. I will run faster then any human can in human and wolf form. I will smell better then any human can in human and wolf form.I will have the ears of a wolf at all times. I will have golden eyes unless I am the alpha when I am turning or in pain. To active the curse I will have to take a inccot life. The moon will be my new mother and watch me at all times. My teeth will be a little sharp then most others. My skin will b hot to the touch and I will be easy to anger. I wish to be a werewolf a beat of the night on full moons.

After that you can kill the person with you to active the cures or wait until you want to. With the fire burn the witch symbol and that says that you do not want to become a witch. But do not burn the other two symbols or you will burn with them.Next full moon you should feel a lot of pain and then your bones breaking and placing in the wolf form. Goodluck with all that pain.


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