How to drain energy

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How to take energy from other living things and some objects

Casting Instructions for 'How to drain energy'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Any living thing or sentimental object
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Any living thing or sentimental object
When draining energy it can be a danger to both the one being drained and the person gaining the energy, the body naturally has a level of energy it's used to, too little or too much of this can have it's own side effects. If a person loses too much energy it can cause certain degrees of harm depending on the person and the amount lost, and with too much energy it can cause an ''Overload'', which in the severest cases can cause damage that lasts over months. Use with caution and make sure to educate yourself in how to give back any excess energy.

after gaining awareness of one's own energy and how to move it throughout their own body, now you can move on to gaining energy from other sources. To start, you can either use another person, or your own yard.

To drain from another person, make contact by holding their palms, forehead, etc. Close your eyes and imagine their energy flowing from their body into yours like a circuit or flowing water, you'll begin to feel a tingling sensation or a change in your own body's energy. Different people have what are called ''energy signatures'', which is a different feeling for every person's energy, no two people's energy is exactly the same, so be aware of this and drain from people you know whose energy won't have any negative feeling when in your body. With this, keep in mind that their energy is different than yours, and will feel foreign in your body and takes a while to mix, but soon it will all normalize.

To drain from plants, practice standing in the grass with your bare feet, close your eyes, and visualize your legs digging into the ground like roots, and the energy deep in the earth has a certain color like gold or white, and see this light flowing up through your legs and rushing throughout your body. With this source, you can seemingly drain an unlimited amount, so be aware of how much you take in.

Remember to never drain energy from an unwilling person, and always use caution in all you do.


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