Magick Orb

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A spell that is great and easy for whenever you feel drained or you just want to enhance your powers.

Casting Instructions for 'Magick Orb'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Shower/Bath/Rain (All optional)
  • -Concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Shower/Bath/Rain (All optional)
  • -Concentration
- Personally prefer spell being done when taking a shower because its easy and private enough.
Hopefully :)

1) If being done in the shower/rain.
Visualize energy flowing out from you through your hands or just laminating out from your aura. Create a ball or an orb of this energy, visualizing it circling around you like a strong force field. This orb is constantly flowing rapidly around you and destroying unwanted energy around you.

2) Being done in the tub.
Relax and maybe light some candles, dim the lights, treat yourself to a nice soothing bath. As you lay in the water. Allow energy to flow from you and be dispersed into the water as if its electricity flowing in the water. Now while bathing allow the new magick purified water to cleanse you.

3) For Gaining power.
Visualized whenever your in these forms that your energy is positive and protective, it dispelle all negativity and attracts positivity to strengthen you.

I.E. Have fun and don't be afraid to tweak the guidelines to suit you.


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