Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell

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Love Spell Difficulty: Medium Time To Cast: 5 Days
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Initial Work: You will need to find 3 dragons blood candles

Casting Instructions for 'Make Someone Fall in Love with you Love Spell'

You will need to find 3 dragons blood candles , and label them according to 3 things you will be asking the spirits to do for you in love:

to open a channel between you and your lover, allow feelings to connect between you two, and lastly have these feelings turn into fully ignited love.. We will label each candle accordingly (I dont mean to literally Label Each candle, just remember its purpose) in line with the desire of that flame. Label the first candle as the Channel Love candle. The second as the Connect Love candle and the third as the True Love candle. These 3 candles will represent the goals of the love spell. Lite all 3 candles and allow them to burn during the initial offering: Spirits of Love, allow a channel to be opened between ( ___) and me Spirits of Love, allow this channel to blossom a connection between (_____) and me And Finally, Spirits of Love, I beseech you, Allow true love to come between (______) and me Spirits allow these candles to be symbols to you for my desires Allow there flames to represent my burning desire for what I ask of you Thank you Spirits and I thank you for listening to my requests upon you Take melting wax from the 3 candles immediately afterwards and rub it together (Not a large amount, just a bit from each candle, or you can burn yourself a bit) and rub it near your belly bottom. This will serve as your gateway. Hold personal items of the person you are seeking in either hand and stare at each candle as you envision your desires with the person. Watch each candle for 5 minutes each, with the same thought coursing through your mind.

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