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Hex Removal Spell
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Use :
This spell is for the removal of a Hex from an unknown source.

Time :
Between the hours of 12:00 am to 3:00 am. A moonless night adds strength to the spell.

Materials Needed :

(1)One Gallon Of Bleach
(2)Thin Linen Cloth (Large enough to work as a strainer)
(3)White Sand (est. 1 lbs)
(4)Handcrafted Talisman (Uncharged)
(5)Five Black Candles
(6)One Red Candle
(7)Small Black Bowl (stone/clay)
(8)Small Piece Of Parchment
(9)Pen (Red Ink)
(10) Six Wooden Matches
(11) Athame
(12) Large Bowl Or Bucket
(13) Thick Black Cloth (Roughly 2' X 2')
(14) Small piece of twine
(15) Black Cloak (Or Black Clothing Is To Be Worn)

Preparation :
Five days before spell casting fill the large bowl/bucket with bleach. Then add the white sand to the bucket and let it sit undisturbed covered with the black cloth as to let no sunlight through. After the three day period remove the black cloth and strain the white sand through the linen cloth, resining it with water to remove the bleach smell. Capturing as much of the sand as possible. Now let the sand sun dry for two days before collecting it onto the black cloth and binding the cloth like a sack with your twine. You will use this for your circle casting that night.

Find a secluded and quiet place where you can be alone without distractions for at least three hours.

Application :
(1)Using the white sand begin with casting a large pentagram on the floor/ground large enough for you to sit in the middle. Make sure the tip of the pentagram (also known as the mouth of the Baphomet) is pointing north.
(2)Place the five black candles at the tip of each branch of the pentagram.
(3)Fill the small black bowl with water and place in center of pentagram.
(4)Place the red candle in the center of the water filled bowl.
(5)Place the talisman, pen, parchment, and one match next to the bowl.
(6)Now from the outside of the Pentagram light each black candle with its own match. Do not use the same match on more than one candle.
(7)Now step back into the pentagram and sit in the center with the bowl and other items in front of you facing north.
(8)Now say this verse to consecrate your circle,

In the name of the Unholy, Accursed,
and Demonic Entities, proceed me/us
to my/our work in these mysteries to
accomplish that which I/we desire;
I/we therefore, in the names aforesaid,
consecrate this piece of ground for
my defense, so that no spirit
whatsoever shall be able to break
these boundaries, neither be able to
cause injury nor detriment to any of
us here assembled.
But that they may be compelled to
stand before this Circle, and answer
truly my/our demands, so far as it
pleaseth Him who liveth for ever and
ever; and who says, I am the beginning
and the ending of the world. The beginning
and the end, which is, and which was,
and which is to come, the Almighty.
I am the first and the last, Who am
living and was dead; and behold I live
for ever and ever; I am the ruler over
death and hell. Bless O Mulla Xul! This
creature of earth wherein I/we stand;
confirm O God! Thy strength in me/us,
so that neither the adversary nor any
evil thing may cause me/us to fail.

(9) After consecrating your circle take the pen and write down the word 'nwonknu' this is 'unknown' spelled backwards on the piece of parchment.
(10) Now roll the parchment into a loose scroll and pick up the athame.
(11) Carefully stab the athame's tip through the scroll.
(12) Now light the red candle with the remaining match.
(13) As you place the tip of the athame with the scroll into the flam of the red candle repeat the following,

O ye who troubles me now,
Begone from my mind and spirit,
I pray to Alal, the destroyer ancient
Sumeria, that his Uruku come and
devour your hex.
Your curse now have no standings
here, I am no longer bound by your
Maskim Xul.
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa!
Zi Dinger Kia Kanpa!

(14) Now close your eyes and meditate. Clear your mind of all thoughts, even the spell you have just completed.
(15) Remain there until the red candle melts down into the water. Once the water extinguishes the flame with its hiss your spell is complete.

Created By:
Baphomet -Order Of Sin-
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Re: Hex Removal Spell
Post # 2
Baphomet !!!!!
You have taken this spell from the Valdella. Although slightly altered. You are ordered under articel 9 of the Order Of Sin to cease duplication and distribution of our sacred book.

-Order Of Sin-
Necromancer Spawn
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Re: Hex Removal Spell
Post # 3
If this spell has been altered from the original then it is no longer part of this Book of Valdella. Everyone changes something in their spells to better suit there needs. As they should unless it is a ritual that requires certain magical words to work.

Warlock Draco
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Re: Hex Removal Spell
Post # 4
Works great
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