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Energy Manifestation
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Energy: The source of life, the fuel that makes this universe work, the fuel that allows nature to thrive, the fuel that is responsible for life itself. Doing this post requires energy, and by just doing this post, I am manifesting this energy.
I am bringing forth different aspects of energy, combining them into one powerful source and extracting it's benefits and true worh, I am manifesting this energy.
Energy is always present, however energy that is dormant or stagnant, or energy that is not manifested, would be equivalent to lifelessness or dead.
Energy is the primordial source of life and how we manifest this energy is up to us. If we do not breathe life into energy and if we do not give energy it's meaning and purpose, how will we exist,,
So there are different methods in manifesting this energy, and then we proceed to enhancing this energy to recieve its optimal benefits.
Energy on a whole can be divided into four parts, which is,,
Physical Energy
Emotional Energy
Mental Energy
Spiritual Energy

Physical Energy is related to our health and wellbeing, to manifest this energy, we basically need to keep fit and healthy, there is no hidden meanings or secrets regarding one's health and wellbeing, we just need to keep ourselves healthy, and from what i gather about witchcraft and a meaning that is not hidden or no secret, is that witchcraft is one with nature, consuming the best of what nature has to offer, fruits, vegetables, using special ingredients from nature and blending them, mixing them, coming up with your own concussions, using healthy ingredients or items like lemon, herb, turmeric, honey, fresh vegetables and everything you can think of that is of health beneficial and bring them into your daily diets, is manifesting energy of health.
Take walks, take a long walk on the beach which by the way I love doing, go for a jog or run, anything to enhance the Energy of Health.

Emotional Energy:
Abit of a tricky one I would say, because not all the time do we experience the same emotions due to the nature of life, we can go through a clean bill of health for many many years at a time, however emotions can change like every minute of the day.
So how we deal with emotional energy, is to do just that, we deal with our emotions head on, if you need to cry, go ahead and cry, if happiness and joy is your best friend at that moment, then enjoy their company, if anxiety and stress comes at you, find your power points to pierce through them, if love is within reach, embrace it, if hurt stares you in the face, slap it, thats what i say.
So the best way to enhance emotional energy is to deal with them head on and manifest the emotional energy in you in achieving this, power to do so always is within you.

Mental Energy:
So dealing with mental energy can be a mixture of both health and emotional energy, meaning we have a stable and positive mental state of mind when the both work together, however taking into consideration that not everyone experiences a positive state of mind all the time, one can still acquire this positive state of mind even if its for a limited time period which will give you some kind of peace in regards to your mental wellbeing.
Have your craft in mind, keep your craft in thoughts, your craft is your safe place, your comfort zone, if you are in your own space, practise your craft, i personally light my candles, taking in its magick and positive energies, basically do whats good for you, keep your mind focused on your favorite people, your family and friends.
Most importantly your craft at heart is what will always give you a positive mindset, which in turn will manifest into a magical and positive mental state of mind, enhancing your mental energy.

Spiritual Energy:
As we all come from different walks of life, Spiritual energy can be manifested in many many different ways, we all have our owm practises, our own beliefs, our own rituals, and traditions, we meditate, we chant, we pray, and this way of life becomes natural as taking a breath.
Spiritual Energy is what brings us to life, gives meaning to our faith, and makes possible for magick to live.
Spiritual Energy and enhancing spiritual Energy is personal, meaning it's something that we hold dear and close to our hearts and we all have our own respected ways in doing so,,
Again, do what works for you, because your Spiritual energy is manifested through your personal intent which gives birth to Pure Beautiful Magical Witchcraft.

My personal views on the topic of Energy Manifestation.

Blessed Be
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Re: Energy Manifestation
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That was indeed a fine read. I always find it interesting to learn about how different people view and experience the things in life that are hard to define (let alone quantify).

Have you considered putting this information up as an article on the site?
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Re: Energy Manifestation
Post # 3
Greetings to you Spirit76, trust you are well.
Thank You for your kind words and it's a big Yes, I am going to be doing a full on article on the site.
And also I feel the same about when people from different walks of life, different faith and beliefs share their views, their feelings, their experiences, or even their definition of what life is about or what life means to them, then only could we start to believe that we possibly could live in union irrespective of differences to the human eye.

It's such an awesome feeling and experience interacting with like minded people and positive souls like yourself.
Magical indeed.

Blessed Be Spirit76
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