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Hedge Witch Recipes
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Hedge Witchcraft Recipes And Other Bits


In the context of the oil recipes within this work you will see items added to the oil one may not expect to find. Such things as small garnet stones, and small seashells. These items are natural and relatively safe for the oil and are added to help shake up the contents of the jars.

Within this work are personal recipes from a hedge witchcraft practitioner with over 26 years of experience.

I when very young had always been fascinated by the plants I came across out of doors.

I remember finding things such as witch hazel, Solomon's seal, lady slippers, and fresh wintergreen.

I began to actively learn to identify such plants at the age of twelve.

Within this work are mixes and bits I have come to love and use myself.

These are my recipes I have diligently crafted through intuition and common sense.

I hope they and the other bobs and bits within this work bring you much healing and happiness.

Botanical Anointing Oils

This section discusses different botanical oil recipes that I have made or intend to.

Many of these plants, and flowers can be found locally with relative ease.

I recommend adapting some of these recipes using non toxic herbs and flowers that can be found within your own local area or in your garden.

Always take care when gathering wild plants and flowers that you do not trespass or put yourself in danger to obtain them. Practice safety and common sense in all your craft endeavors.

With all your magickal oils only use safe non toxic plants and flowers.

Garden Flowers Perfumed Oil

Phlox flowers

Johnny Jump Up flowers

Base oil, such as olive

White Sage Oil

2 eucalyptus leaves

4 leaves white sage

Base oil

1 seashell, small

The sage used in my oil was purchased three years ago. I am actively no longer buying white sage due to its blind over harvesting and the detriment the new age mentality is causing to the plants survival. While not extinct it is quickly harvested to sell to supply the spiritual demand for it.

I do not buy it, but have some I bought three years back ethically sourced from Native American sellers and I do not find it appropriate to waste it.

Basil Oil

Smoke cleansed basil leaves

4 garnet stones, small

Priest's- Crown Blend

1 white sage leaf

1 and a half dried dandelion flower

A seashell

Base oil

Concealed Cross Oil

Dogwood flowers

Base oil

Take care to make certain before adding these that your dogwood flowers, or modified leaves, are completely dried.

I like to make certain by baking these on a low oven setting, about 200 degrees, for an hour or until dried.

In all your botanical oils you are going to want to use non toxic dried plants and flowers. Adding plant material that isn't dried is likely to mold and rot.

Other Bits

Hair Rinse For Darker Hair Types

My mother frequently used a recipe like this for her own hair adding that the flax seed makes for a "Natural conditioner."

3 cups boiling water

2 and a half tablespoons rosemary leaves

4 tablespoons flax seed

Let the mix boil and simmer (bring your heat down after boiling) for an hour to two hours.

Let the rinse cool before using.

This rinse does not keep well. It is recommended to use immediately rather than attempt to store it.
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Re: Hedge Witch Recipes
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Awesome! Thank you so much for this.

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