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I need some info on a spe
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I need some info about this spell called The cure of disease spell I don't know much about it it says it's inspired by a video game called the SCP foundation and I heard about it and I thought wow this is interesting don't know if this is real or not so I thought I can get some information because I don't have any contact with the creator of this spell I tried to text them but they've been gone so yeah

Here's the spell

To Cure a Disease [A Doctor's Touch]

-An ability to speak and/or have verbal thoughts.
-A limb/digit/object to poke a body part with.
-A subject with a, preferably minor, illness.

A quick latin incantation with a strange throat-touch that will have SCP fans reeling away from you. Bonus points if you hum "I am the cure" eeriely, then message me with the reaction.

Spell Casting
The simple form of this, that I myself have used often when getting a cold or flu, quite easy. Sadly not as easy as just swatting the patient in the throat.

Prepare yourself by discerning what the illness is. For instance, a cold may be less energy-intensive than an infected wound, but due to its nature is likely to re-adapt and attempt another infection. Once you understand what you're dealing with, pool a fair amount of energy in your hand. I personally use my index and middle finger, but I do not see why you cannot use your palm, or the webbing of your thumb if you want to go full spook. Simply anywhere you'd be comfortable holding a ball of energy roughly the size of a baseball, at least.
That exact energy type can vary. I myself prefer to use an electric blue akin to a gas flame to burn the disease from the inside out, but a cooler blue may work to freeze it out, and a darker crimson red may kick natural systems into overdrive. I have not experimented with the rainbow. Once you have a nice ball of energy resting on your chosen delivery system (look at me sounding doctory) you're ready to hand it over.
At this point, you want to begin with a hum in your throat/chest, raising it to a volume you can speak through. Once you can speak, hum the Latin phrase "Remedium morbo", or "The cure for the disease", if my already shoddy babblefish mind hasn't failed me yet. With this line, prompt the energy you hold to become active, a roiling, feral version of what you had made. Glowing, bold, tearing through itself looking for its prey - the illness. Then, touch the center of the disease. For, say, a nasal infection that may end up being a boop on the bridge of the nose. In my experience, for something more chest-and-head centered, a touch to the throat suffices.

If you're unsure of exactly where to touch, or you're pulling a discreet heal, I'd recommend touching any 'blood zone', or any part of the body where blood rises close to the skin either by necessity or to cool off. The back of the neck, either vein/artery in the neck, the insides of the elbows/knees, wrists/Achilles tendons, so on. Blood carries illness, after all, so it can carry our cure as well. If you are, indeed, trying to be discreet, humming Latin at your target may ruin that discretion. Thus, humming it before hand so you remember the tone, and 'replaying' that humming-voice in your mind ought to be a suitable replacement for the verbal 'lets go' signal.

Extra notes-
Remedium morbo is pronounced as it looks (Reh-med-eum m-or-bo), and as it means either "The cure for the disease", or "A cure for a disease", I'm not entirely sure how it will fare when fighting against multiple illnesses at once. Logically, more energy should offset the numbers/power difference. Then again, many things aren't logical.
For a patient throwing a fit, I'd recommend a blend of lavender and spearmint put into a sachet or other "Here, smell this" item. Similarly, if you or your germophobe friend aren't comfortable with touching each other (I cannot phrase that better without sounding like a stuck-up, posh ninny) then oregano oil is not only a helpful delivery mechanism, in which you'd pool your energy rather than your hand, but helps by lending its own boost to the immune system. I, personally, use oregano-infused-coconut oil. But hey, you know what oil you like to drink.
I had not considered this, originally, but there is nothing stopping you from forming the cure into it's ball, forming a nice, dense membrane around it like the gelatin-glycerin wall of a capsule, or the wall of an oversized cell, and chucking it at your patient. In hindsight, there may have been a reason for me saying "roughly the size of a baseball"

[If anyone has a suggestion or what have you that they'd like me to chuck onto this/experiment with, I will gladly consider doing so. If it's a complaint about my speech, I apologize, I am not the person you want to talk to medical things about. If you can figure out what creature I had in mind, originally, while starting to do this a month or so ago, points to you.]

woo, first spell up. naptime~

Here's my questions it says that it original idea was to make a cell membrane ball and I have other ideas and I also have a theory can this smell someone make new cell membrane in the body or is that just a idea of the Creator's first construction of the spell I was thinking about this and yeah I'm still coming up theories but can it also change effects to the diseases like Kenneth help with severe diseases if the person is using a amount of energy that can heal severe diseases or it doesn't work by energy it works by little amount of energy or it cannot work with a lot of energy I many questions if anyone knows about this bill please leave a comment down the comment section if anyone has any ideas I want to go back and try to figure out any other ways I can figure out if my questions can work or not I'm really looking and I can't find nothing about this so I'm just here to answer you want to have any info and you can answer my questions okay goodbye
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Re: I need some info on a spe
By: Moderator / Adept
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Re: I need some info on a spe
By: / Novice
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A major detail to point out is that this was inspired by a video game. Another detail is the name.

There are many diseases in the world. People get sick on a daily basis. Diseases can be minor illnesses like the flu while others can be life-longing & very dangerous. Different cultures have their different medical practices. Some medical practicesaretied to a more spiritual or magical stand point while others are not. People have home remedies that they believe help them (some which are passed down generation to generation).Forms of medication we take for granted today might have beenviewed as magic or science fiction long ago or to people who are not exposed to it.

It is always a good idea to consult a doctor because you might not be able to rightfully determine what the illness or disease is. You might also not know the best treatment for it.For example, you might get sick and think you have the flu and do this spell but it turns out you actually have covid. You might think you have a sore throat but it turns out to be strepthroat instead.

The trouble with a spell like this is that magic doesn't create physical change. It cannot alter your DNA, produce new cells in your body, etc. Magic is an aid that helps us for a purpose, but we also need to put in the effort. Doctors wouldn't be needed if spells like this magically worked. Diseases and illnesses, like cancer or the flu, would be gone. Magic obeys the laws of physics.

Health is crucial for our survival. Our bodies are precious to us which we must take care of to live a long & happy life. Magic is an aid. You can do a spell to help cure you (maybe faster and higher chances) but you have to be able to go to a doctor and get the medication to help fight the disease. You can do a spell to help prevent you from getting sick and to live longer, but you have to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right, getting exercise, not being caught up in negativity, etc.

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