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Tool Usage.
Post # 1

I thought I'd start a discussion on our current tools.

What do you find, if any, that you use frequently these days?

Are there any tools you've used often in the past that you use less now?

The four I use often lately are

1. Bells. I use bells to call spirits into a space or into certain tools. I use bells to call on servitors if I am in need of their assistance.

2. Fire safe plate, I use this frequently to hold hot oil warmers, for the fumigation of plants, for candle workings and other workings that utilize the fire element.

3. Oil warmers, I use a warmer like this lately for loose incenses to draw things in, or to protect and cleanse space.

4. Scissors, I use often for the collection of local plants and flowers for magical purpose. Some of these are for fumigation purpose, some are for tea or other consumption or medicinal uses, and some serve as deity representations for the altar.

Tools I use less often.

I used to use stones for mind's eye scrying frequently, yet lately I have not used tools for this purpose.

Cauldron, I have found I do not use my cauldron very often. I purchased a small cauldron from a metaphysical shop intending to use it, but I find I tend to burn things on a fire safe plate or in a censor instead. I love this cauldron, I simply have not utilized it as frequently as I had hoped.

Divination tools.

I have used two oracle decks very recently.

The gypsy which fortune telling playing cards, and universal folk oracle cards by Anita Inverarity.

What have you found yourself using and going back to for tools lately?

Are there some you have and do not use often or at all?

Are there divination tools which are favorites of yours?

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Re: Tool Usage.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

This is a great topic and it's nice to hear parts of other's daily practice : )

My Top Five Tools that I use often are;

1. Pendulum: used to monitor energy changes while meditating, grounding, centering, and for divination when needed. Can also be used to detect energy changes within a defined space and for necromancy specifically communication with the deceased.

2.Bells: used to clear spaces as well as invoke. Some bells are better for cleansing or clearing spaces of negativity while drawing other energies to the space than others. Chimes, gongs, and singing bowls are also similar tools I like to utilize.

3. Shell, ashtray, censer, cauldron, or other fire safe container: used to burn herbs;such as sage, lavender, and cedar wood, or other resins like frankincense,dragon's blood, and copal.

4. Diffuser/oil burner/simmer pot: used to release essential oils into the air. water is used with these to help humidify the air and is why i often used blessed water in them. The steam or vapors when warming the water in a simmer pot of fresh herbs, a few drop of oil in a burner with water, or even the cool mist diffusers can cleanse a space and energize it to ones specific needs.

5. Boline: used to harvest herbs and other flora from the garden and while wild crafting. A boline is a white handled or lightly colored handled knife that is typically sickle or crescent shaped. It does not have to be both or either as it's more a knife specifically used for harvesting purposes.

I too use my tarot cards less often now than in the past. I pull them out maybe twice a year and they are nice to utilize for myself only. Reading for others in my youth was fun but also exhausting for me at the same time.

I also do not practice as much ceremonial magic so my sword and athame are used less often than in the past but again they are still used a few times with in a turn of the wheel of the year.

Below are some links that may be of further interest;

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