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Protections on Divination
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Protections on Divination Tools.

A short article on protecting divination tools.


As a practitioner protections are important to have in place. Personally not only do I ward my home and person, but also at times, I ward my tools. Below are a few methods I have created to add protections to my tools.


A method I use of adding protections to my decks uses petition paper and essential oil. I use a protective oil of choice and cover the petition paper with it. I let this dry. When dry I place the scented petition somewhere between cards in my deck, which I then place in its box or a tarot bag. This method adds protections, energy, and a light scent.

Scrying ball:

To add protections to my scrying ball I use a few items. I use an incense censor as a holder. Into this censor I add a protective herbal blend and a homemade protection powder. Hoodoo candle dressing powders can work if they have protective properties. I then visualize this item charged with protective energy after placing the crystal ball atop the censor.


As well one can add protective blends and powders in with their runes and ogham. One will visualize their protective qualities lending aid to their tools.

Warding with these methods:

I take these protections further by using these tools as wards themselves at times. My crystal ball acts as a ward I upkeep daily.

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Re: Protections on Divination
By: / Novice
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Amazing post! I completely agree that protection is highly important. Any unwanted energies can totally mess up the results of a reading.
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