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simple ways to ground
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Simple way to ground

Mediation to ground is often over looked when it comes to young witches that wish to practice. I know I was one of them that over looked it at the start of my path, but grounding does not need to look like a chore. To me anything connecting to the earth world is a form of grounding since Earth is unique in what she has to offer. You must remember the list below needs to have the intention that you are trying to ground to gain the full benefit.

You can say the following line to help you when it comes to grounding.

"I am grounded."

As you do the following task that may help you with grounding.

Green or brown shirts

Colour has energy and the clothes one wear also have energy. If you have brown or green shirts put one on for the day and tell yourself that you are grounded. This helps to connected to earth in its own way, since green may be seen as the colour of money it's also seen as the colour of trees and grass. Which is one of the many things that earth is known for. Brown is also seen as the colour of dirt.


As odd as it may sound I use to work with technology in my early days of my path to help me feel reconnected. Technology reminds me of earth and it brings my head back into reality especially when I see those emails I need to answer.

Walking/ running or outside

Naturally going outside will help you reconnect with earth. Take your dog out for a walk that's probably begging you for a walk anyway and go for a run with the intention to ground yourself. This is a great way for people whom have trouble sitting for long periods of time.


Do some research for this one, but crystals can help you ground yourself.


Dance is a great way to get into the zone and a great way to ground.

Have fun with your animals

Another simple way is just have fun with your animals, for those that have pets just go out and play along side them.


Maybe try and grow a sunflower and let your hands sink into the dirt.

This is just a small list on what you can work with to help you ground.

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Re: simple ways to ground
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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The most simple method to ground is to walk without shoes on the earth itself. You do not even need to visualize anything or to meditate, although it is beneficial to set the intend and put the effort. We all knew instinctively to do earthing as children. Then, we grew up and forgot because we already had social norms to follow. In internal martial arts this is called following the earth path. You train barefoot for a reason. Exactly to follow the earth path by being firmly grounded and balanced on your two feet.

Not that any of these methods mentioned above are wrong or not efficient. It is just that being fancy sometimes makes things more complex, than they should actually be.

Just few days ago, I saw a group of kids in their early teens going through a massive puddle of mud and water, which must have been very cold because the temperature was just few degree above zero, and it was raining. The adult in me just thought, crazy kids look at them all covered with mud and dirty water in this cold and wet weather. Then, I saw the life in their eyes the happiness beaming out of them. They were all wet, cold and muddy but were happy, unlike the rest of us adults frozen, cold, wet and grumpy. The child in me spoke to me that I have forgotten the simplicity of the earth path. I have forgotten that me and my sister waited for our parents to turn their backs on us to go through all muddy puddles with no shoes on. If you had asked me then, why we did it we would not have talked about the earth paths, grounding, earthing and any other fancy concepts. We would have said that we did it because it felt good, it felt like going home without a care on the world. It felt liberating. We have no words for it, but we felt something. Something bigger than us something ancient. Something connected to our spirits. Something soothing and healing. Something mothering us, without judging. It felt the right thing to do at the time, and made us happy.

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