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Table of Contents

  • What is Onmyoudou?
  • Where does it come from?
  • How do I practice?
  • What religions does it incorporate?
  • Who is Abe no Seimei?

What is Onmyoudou?

Onmyoudou is a Japanese esoteric practice of magick and divinations, which in corporate the Gogyou(Five elements or Wu Xing) as a form of esoteric energy in this practice. As well as incorporating the Yin and Yang polarities and vibrations of energies. Onmyoudou also uses the conjuring of familiars relatable to servitors. These relatable servitors are called Shikigami used to completemagical task or for divination. Onmyoudou also incorporatestechniques such as Katashiro (sympathetic poppet magick), calling on Shinto kami and Shikigami through petitions, and conjure work. This ancient Japanese esoteric system is based on spirit and spiritual energies (kami).

Where does it come from?

Onmyoudou comes from a mixture of origins in Japan which are Taoism, Confucius, and Japanese folk shamanism. Many of the well known media the Onmyoudou practices are featured in are from Taoism. For example the use of talismans or Omamorithat are used to contain ghosts, summon gods, and spiritual powers are all relatable to Chinese Taoism.

How do I practice?

Onmyoudou is a practice of learning and not being ordained or self ordained. Personally I have never have been ordained or ordained by someone else. I just started studying the little information out there ad applying tje principles of Onmyoudou to them. Acting with in these principles I was able to focus on Onmyoudou as a self or personal practice. The principles to follow of Onmyoudou are the of the Gogyou or Wu Xing (Five Eastern spiritual elements), The concepts of Yin and Yang in energy, and the practice of creating Shikigami (Familiar spirit like Servitors). As well as the remembrance of Onmyoudou being largely talismanic and Sympathetic magick.

What Religions do I Incorporate?

Onmyoudou comes from no particular religious and point. Onmyoudou is only Japanese witchcraft. I feel as a practioner of Onmyoudou that as long as your Gods, Goddesses, or God/Goddess approves of your magical works you will be fine.

Who is Abe no Seimei?

Abe no Seimei is a famous Onmyouji (practicer of Onmyoudou) from Japans Heian period.

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Re: Onmyoudou
Post # 2

The Paper dolls Talisman of Katashiro

Table of Contents

  • What is a Paper Doll Talisman
  • What is it good for?
  • How do I baptize it?
  • How should it be treated?
  • How to dispose of a Katashiro?

What is a Paper Doll Talisman

A Paper doll talisman or a Paper doll also having the same name as the practice it is used for Katashiro, is a folded and torn piece of white paper made into the shape of a doll. The Paper doll talisman after it is created is adorned with a X on its chest in black consecrated in from a pen or brush. The consecrated X symbol showa the target of intent and is the vessel for the targets soul to be baptized into. A Kanji character for the category of into is drawn on the face of the paper doll and Shikigami bestowed into it. This Shikigamiuses it magical energies to activate the Kanji character asa magical language or sigil of intent.Katashiro can be made out od straw, clay, metal, wood, and of course paper, but we will only be talking about the Paper doll Katashiro.

What is it good for?

Paper Katashiro are ver powerful forms of sympathetic magick to be used on a person, animal, place andor object. They allow thw usage of talismanic and sympathetic magick to be used at the same time or interchangeable. With the soul or spirit kami of the intended target as well as the use of the kanji character as a sigil is a ver binding magick.

How do i baptize it?

You can baptize a Paper Katashiro using a small amount of consecrated oil, your breath (To blow life into it), or to hold the Namaste mudra to your chest and project you heart chakra energies into it.

How should it be treated?

It is important after you baptize the Katashiro depending on the intent to treat it accordingly. For example a love Katashiro should be handled with love and care, placed on a altar, or in you most special and loving place in the home. A Katashiro for positive is to be treat positively and lovingly, therefore a curses or hex Katashiro can be abused if you choose to.

How to dispose of a Katashiro?

Now that it has been baptized and contains spirit kami of a target and a Shikigami with in. You should do a ritual to make the magick null and void or sever the spiritual tie. This can be done by placing it in a bowl of water and washing it while visualizing the magick begin washed and way and becoming clean and inactive. After that pour out the water in a drain, on grass, or in a reasonable place do not keep or drink it. Another was is to take a spirit vessel or talismanic item and place it on top of the doll. The make a beckoning motion for the Shikigami and energiesto come into the spirit vessel while chanting or doing visualization.

Note: Do not burn the doll or the spell will strengthen and it will take more energy to remove. If the doll is lost and you can not find it. Take a mirror place it reflective side up in a bowl of water. Take the Namaste pose to the heart chakra and concentrate on the spell and imagine it coming apart an returning to your being.

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Re: Onmyoudou
Post # 3

Shikigami Servitor

Table of Contents

  • What is a Shikigami
  • Appearance
  • Magical & Spiritual powers
  • Offerings and Caring fo them

What Is a Shikigami

A Shikigami is a servitor with the consciousness like a familiar spirit. A Familiar spirits consciousness comes from the practioner subconscious or spiritual consciousness but can have it own agenda. A servitor is a being made from the energies or spirit kami of a spell caster formed into a being, thought form, deity, spiritual being, or form of energy/ tool in magick. Shikigami gain there power from the allowance of energy channeled into them from the practioner. Shikigami can also have life spans, eat, sleep, and have complex emotions from the logic of the practioner subconscious. They are able to inherent magical and psychic abilities from the personal energy of the spell caster.


Shikigami appear to be invisible in the astral plane, only sometimes taking the form of spirit or energies as well. Shikigami have 3 possible forms: non form or invisible, spirit form or a force of energies, and the form of a Kami, Oni, and or Yokai. Kami are Gods and nature deities, and Oni are demons, devils, and ghost like entities with more negative nature correspondences. Yokai are a concept of animistic spirit used in literature and are also able to be created as servitors from personal and existing energies. Yokai can take the form of humanoid objects, beings in nature, or formless or misshapen entities. The practioner is able to choose between these forms as part of their preferences.

Magical & Spiritual powers

Shikigami are servitors that gain magical powers from the energy of their spell caster and spiritual correspondences from their own form. Magical powers are the same as having your own individual magical art like: hydromancy, conjure work, spell casting etc. Magical powers are not superpower they are powers the manipulate the natural energies and vibrations. Correspondences of a Shikigami usually have to do with is relations to specific parts of nature. For example a Cat yokai would have clairvoyance and a spiritual element of divination by some way. Another example is a Shikigami with a strange color and unique shape this Shikigami could have correspond aces of color or in relation to the shape it represents.

Offerings and Caring for them

Shikigami care and offerings all depend on its form and correspondences. For example if you Shikigami is a aquatic snake spirit then it may like certain kinds of containers or bowls of water on your altar. If its is a Shikigami associated with the nature of fire than light a candle or leave a stone with the element of fire for it to care for and live in.


  • Shikigami are similar to you in mind but not all agendas will be known because of you subconscious mind is where they come from mentally and emotionally.
  • The correspondences of there form are their only source of power.
  • Do not encourage a misbehaved Shikigami
  • Do not allow it to take power and energy from you willynilly or with out foreseen reason
  • When a Shikigami is dangerous be sure to ignore it, not feed it, or when push comes to shove destroy its vessel and re absorb the energy into your spiritual field.

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