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my story
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Hi my name is Tanit, nice to meet you. i am from ibiza / cambridge uk. my family have spanish gypsy heritage. It's been a crazy journey to get here and i'd like to hear what peoples thoughts are on all of this.

Shall i begin by saying i'm a pisces have 5 houses in pisces (yikes) and my life path number is 9 and my destiny number is 11.

When i begun on this journey i was 100000% athiest. i was plastic. i didn't believe in astrology, god, anything really. This started in 2012.

Then something happened.. i believe i accidently casted some black magick and couldn't deal with the consiquences. i thought magic was something from childrens books.

i kinda lost myself when this happened... i spent alot of time in and out of psych wards believing i was tanit, that i am a goddess and i can control the things that happened around me.

through the guilt of what happened, still wanting to believe id simply lost my mind and antipsychotics could make it all go away, i started studying medicine. because although i could not of changed the past i could at least make amends. Whilst studying medicine we had to study a physics module. my teacher said one sentence that changed everything for me:

He told me of a machine called the large hadron collider. Physists at CERN split a particle in half and learnt if you stimulate one half, the other is also stimulated no matter how far apart each half is in the universe. It's an electromagnetic force connecting the two, called quantum entanglement. As it connects one half to the other, let's consider this as a form of consciousness. (Consciousness = electromagnetism?)

Now, if you apply this to the big bang... that means that means that there's an electromagnetic force between every single particle in the universe, that's all feeling, all knowing, all loving (scientifically as forever entwined) and everywhere all of the time. consider this 'god' / 'chi' / 'universal consciousness'

now apply this to the cosmos when they are stimulated then so are we = astrology.
so in theory this must work vice versa = law of attraction/ karma / acts of god . imagine we can move the stars with our minds.

Now then imagine the human consciousness is also electromagnetic. In chemistry the law of thermodynatics = energy is never lost always converted. so when we die the flesh rots back to the earth but electricity physically cannot rot = eternal afterlife / reincarnation.
DMT and dreams share the same chemical. dmt being the chemical released at death. now in a dream everything feels so real but everything you see there is created from your waking life. imagine heaven and hell to be like this.

If god = electromagetism, consciousness = electromagnetism and we = electromagnetism. therefore we are gods (children of god) building our own eternal kingdoms. When in the bible it says 'sin and god will send you to hell' it isn't a threat, it's a warning against yourself.

fractals allow electromagnetic signals to transmit / receive, in antennas, in the human brain etc. if you look at transmutation circles, they're made up out of fractals. if you look at the leylines, lines of spiritual temples through different religions in history, they're all of perfect lines, they're situated in fractals.

me and my friend we're discussing 666 and 616 (whether they changed the numbers on purpose) and i realised that 666 = a polygonal and hexagonal number. if you look this up they are fractals too. so i've realised that numberology = sacred geometry

anyway back to my story. i spent years in and out of hospital over this. i didn't know all of this stuff til i 'coincidentally' came across it studying medicine after my 'recovery' (i think i was just crazy brainwashed but god wanted to show itself to me'.

my destiny number is 11 which means my purpose is to bring spiritual enlightenment. my life path 9 which hopefully means i'm on my last life cycle. my name is tanit and i am from ibiza lol. i was named after the goddess of ibiza. she never claimed to be god itself, but a messenger. i look exactly like her i think i am the reincarnation of her.

Also my whole theory = EMC2



i was alot younger, and had no knowledge on physics when i was being locked up i had no idea how to articulate all of this, i know how it all sounds. i believed i was crazy so i kept studying science to ground myself however all i did was prove myself further and further. i quit medicine and am now studying neuropsychology to explore an electromagnetic consciousness. The last psych assessment i had i was able to articulate all of this properly and the dr totally believed me. i am no longer taking any meds and been discharged from my drs and never felt saner

also, when i was alone with this information i made 2 friends online who shared the exact same theories as me. what i was diagnosed with psychosis over, they were diagnosed with schizophrenia. however in psychiatry, it's never been seen before for 2 strangers to share the same delusion, let alone three! we also shared the same dream, then i looked up people who knew each other who shared delusions and they saw each other in their dreams. idk if it's connected but thinking of lucid dreams, dmt etc i think it's very much possible that we jump to different places (astral projection). this could explain alot of psychosis'? i wonder how many people there are just like me locked away. the thought is terrifying.

i hope you enjoyed this or learnt something and feel free to leave any comments or poke any holes you find in any of my logic! when i practise magic i stay conscious of the entire process of everything i just explained and visualise it happen. with every word, every movement, action i make.

abracadabra translates to 'i create as i speak' every single word/ vibration is not only affecting the cosmos, effecting everyone else around you they're also creating neuropathways words are literally changing your brain chemistry i think thats pretty magic too

sorry for going on, all the best! Tanit x
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Re: my story
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Thank you for sharing your interesting story and theories. However I think Einstein was proven wrong with his theory of MC=2 with the theory that what happens in one location can happen in another, I'm not familiar with CERN's things either but it sounds like they deal in similar experiments and quantum entanglement.

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Re: my story
By: Moderator / Adept
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