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Occult services
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Welcome to my thread everyone!

I'm happy to announce I'm offering my services for a living here in SOM for whoever is interested in hiring me.
I'm trying to make some spare money and right now my craft is pretty much a skill I could sell. Of course, at affordable prices ;)

Here is a full list of what you could hire me for:

- Divination -

10$ per full tarot spread
25$ per astrological chart drawn. Astrology takes more time and is more demanding than tarot, hence why I charge more for it.

- Hex breaking and protection services -

If you feel like you've been hexed, you should break it as soon as possible.

I'm offering myself to break curses and apply protection measures for you.
25$ for a full working. This will include necessary readings for assuring success; the working itself to break the curse, and any protective spells just to make sure you don't fall into one any time soon.

- Spellcasting -

I'm also willing to cast spells for you. Just don't ask for baneful workings, or else expect many questions from my part as to why you'd like something like that casted.
Now, prices will vary from case to case, as workings could pretty much vary too.
However, expect it to range anything from 15$ to 40$. Again, this will include necessary readings for assuring success.

- - - -

Feel free to contact me through here, at Spells of Magic, if you're interested in my services or if you want any more info.
The only payment method I've used is PayPal which I feel to be safe enough for this.

I'm eager to work with you! :)
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